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Added private file system to the forena configuration.

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<h2 id="installation">Installation and Configuration</h2>
<p>After following normal practices for installing a drupal module there are a few steps that must be preformed prior to using forena:</p>
<li>Configure private file system support</li>
<li>Prepare a text format for use with forena (optional)</li>
<li>Configure forena to use this text format and specify installation and configuration directories.</li>
<li>Enable document types</li>
<li>Configure Forena permissions</li>
<h3 id="private-file-config">Configure private file system</h3>
Configure a <a href="{site.dir}/admin/config/media/file-system">private file system location</a>. I usually use the
value sites/default/files/private. This is done so that when using the Forena Query module, newly created .sql data
block files cannot be viewed by prying eyes.
<h3 id="text-formats">Prepare a text format to be used by forena</h3>
In a subsequent administration step, a <strong>text format</strong> will have to be specified as the input format for any of
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