Commit 679a66c6 authored by metzlerd's avatar metzlerd
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Updated to work with feeds to pull in reports as body element. This

lets you do report bodies as master/detail. 
parent 7372b0a0
......@@ -263,7 +263,7 @@ class Frx {
// Otherwise instantiate the data class.
if (!$o) {
$o = Frx::Data();
return $o;
......@@ -303,7 +303,8 @@ class FrxReport {
public function render($format, $render_form=TRUE) {
if (!$format) $format = 'web';
Frx::Data()->push($this->parms, 'parm');
// Only push the parameter context
if (!Frx::Data()->contextExists('parm')) Frx::Data()->push($this->parms, 'parm');
$this->format = $format;
$dom = $this->dom;
--ACCESS=access demo reports
select * from states
select *, code as state from states
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