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......@@ -10,40 +10,14 @@ Installation
Install in your sites/all/modules folder per the normal module installation
Next visit the Configuration->Content Authoring->Forena Reports page and configure the path where
reports wil be saved. This path should be in a place that is writable by your
the user context which runs your web server. When in doubt, specify the report
location within your files directory (the default).
After saving your settings, visit your my reports page to see help reports,
sample reports, as well as some useful canned drupal administration reports.
The provided sample reports also serve as documentation for the product.
SVGGraph Installation
For SVG graphing support, Downlaod the latest version of SVGGraph from
Move the SVGGraph folder into the sites/all/libraries folder of your site.
You should be able to see a sites/all/libraries/SVGGraph/SVGGraph.php file when
you are completed.
In the forena configuration menu (under site configuration) select the document
types tab and enable the SVG document type.
DataTables Installation
To provide dataTables support, Download dataTables from
Extract and move the dataTables into your sites/all/libraries folder.
You should be able to see a sites/all/libraries/dataTables/media folder when you
are complete.
After saving your settings, visit your my reports page to see Forena Documentation (reports/help.toc). Further
instructions for installing and configuring Forena may be found in the Setup Guide.
David Metzler
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David Metzler (metzlerd)
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