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<booktitle>Accessing Data</booktitle>
<title>Data Sources</title>
<subtitle>Understanding Data Sources and options to define them</subtitle>
<abstract>Data Sources establish a connection to an external database, and define its related repository, which is a directory on the web server that will contain all data block files related to that data source.</abstract>
<title>About Data Blocks</title>
<subtitle>Understanding Data Blocks and how to create them</subtitle>
<abstract>Data Blocks contain the actual data retrieved from a data source as they will be shown in a report.</abstract>
<title>Data Blocks Security</title>
<subtitle>Granting access to the data retrieved by a data block</subtitle>
<abstract>Data Blocks Security defines the authorization required to access the data retrieved by a Data Block.</abstract>
<title>SQL Parameters</title>
<subtitle>About SQL Parameters and their Data Types</subtitle>
<abstract>SQL Parameters are named tokens contained in the specifications of a Data Block, which will be replaced with the value of a parameter from the report when the SQL query is executed.</abstract>
<title>Conditional SQL</title>
<subtitle>Creating SQL containing optional filters</subtitle>
<abstract>Conditional SQL is a technique using either the --IF directive or the --SWITCH directive. It can be used in the specifications of Data Blocks to specify sections of an SQL statement that are only included if a particular parameter is present.</abstract>
<title>Data Block Includes</title>
<subtitle>Creating Data Blocks from other Data Blocks</subtitle>
<abstract>Data Block Includes is a technique using the --INCLUDE directive. It can be used in the specifications of Data Blocks to specify other Data Blocks to be included in it.</abstract>
<title>Drupal Entities</title>
<subtitle>Create Data Blocks that load Drupal entities</subtitle>
<abstract>Load Drupal entities instead of selecting columns from the database.</abstract>
<title>Raw Mode Queries</title>
<subtitle>Reduce memory consumption when exporting data</subtitle>
<abstract>Memory consumption can be reduced by specifying a return_type option of raw in the Data Block</abstract>
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