Commit ecb8d9b1 authored by quicksketch's avatar quicksketch

#721076 by iva2k: Double progress bar on OTHER file uploads.

parent 22920f33
......@@ -37,9 +37,8 @@ Drupal.behaviors.filefieldValidateAutoAttach = function(context) {
* Prevent FileField uploads when using buttons not intended to upload.
Drupal.behaviors.filefieldButtons = function(context) {
.bind('mousedown', Drupal.filefield.disableFields)
.bind('mousedown', Drupal.filefield.progressBar);
$('input.form-submit').bind('mousedown', Drupal.filefield.disableFields);
$('div.filefield-element input.form-submit', context).bind('mousedown', Drupal.filefield.progressBar);
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