Commit b85662ff authored by Jakob Petsovits's avatar Jakob Petsovits

Take modularization a step further, expanding it to formatters as well.

Also, for consistency, files are converted to objects (and back, in case)
every time they are passed to other modules.

Plus the usual minor cleanups and documentation fixes.
parent 945e9f37
......@@ -81,8 +81,7 @@ function field_file_save_upload($source, $validators = array(), $dest = FALSE, $
if (!$file = file_save_upload($source, $validators, $dest, $replace)) {
return 0;
// Let modules add additional file properties, and save initial values
// to the database if they like to do so.
// Let modules add additional properties to the yet barebone file object.
foreach(module_implements('file') as $module) {
$function = $module .'_file';
$function('insert', $file);
......@@ -90,13 +90,13 @@
.filefield-generic-edit-description {
/*padding-top: 0.3em;*/
margin-left: 35px;
margin-right: 30px;
/* The text field is made unnecessarily long by node.css - shorten it */
.filefield-generic-edit .form-text {
width: 80%;
width: 100%;
.filefield-generic-edit .description {
white-space: normal;
; $Id$
name = File Field
name = FileField
description = Defines a file field type.
dependencies[] = content
package = CCK
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