Commit 6de16723 authored by Jakob Petsovits's avatar Jakob Petsovits

Add field_file_save_upload() to so that we can have

'insert' and 'update' hooks for hook_file().

Also make sure that we can pass by reference in any case (so that modules
can insert properties on $op = 'load'), and adapt some style bits to
core's style conventions.
parent c3246685
......@@ -37,17 +37,62 @@ function field_file_load($fid, $reset = NULL) {
return FALSE;
module_invoke_all('file', 'load', $file);
foreach(module_implements('file') as $module) {
$function = $module .'_file';
$function('load', $file);
// Cache the fully loaded value by both fid and filepath.
// use non-copying objects to save memory.
$files[$fid] = $file;
$files[$file->filepath] = $file;
// cast to array for field. hook_file expects objects as well as core file functions.
// Cast to array for field. hook_file() expects objects as well as
// core file functions.
return (array)$file;
* Save a file upload to a new location. The source file is validated as a
* proper upload and handled as such. By implementing hook_file($op = 'insert'),
* modules are able to act on the file upload and to add their own properties
* to the file.
* The file will be added to the files table as a temporary file. Temporary files
* are periodically cleaned. To make the file permanent file call
* file_set_status() to change its status.
* @param $source
* A string specifying the name of the upload field to save.
* @param $validators
* An optional, associative array of callback functions used to validate the
* file. The keys are function names and the values arrays of callback
* parameters which will be passed in after the user and file objects. The
* functions should return an array of error messages, an empty array
* indicates that the file passed validation. The functions will be called in
* the order specified.
* @param $dest
* A string containing the directory $source should be copied to. If this is
* not provided or is not writable, the temporary directory will be used.
* @param $replace
* A boolean indicating whether an existing file of the same name in the
* destination directory should overwritten. A false value will generate a
* new, unique filename in the destination directory.
* @return
* An array containing the file information, or 0 in the event of an error.
function field_file_save_upload($source, $validators = array(), $dest = FALSE, $replace = FILE_EXISTS_RENAME) {
if (!$file = file_save_upload($source, $validators, $dest, $replace)) {
return 0;
// Let modules add additional file properties, and save initial values
// to the database if they like to do so.
foreach(module_implements('file') as $module) {
$function = $module .'_file';
$function('insert', $file);
return $file;
* Update an field item file. Delete marked items if neccessary and set new items as permamant.
......@@ -61,23 +106,30 @@ function field_file_load($fid, $reset = NULL) {
function field_file_save($node, &$file) {
// If this item is marked for deletion.
if (!empty($file['delete'])) {
// if we're creating a new revision, return an empty array so CCK will remove the item.
if ($node->old_vid) {
// If we're creating a new revision, return an empty array so CCK will
// remove the item.
if (!empty($node->old_vid)) {
return array();
// otherwise delete the file and return an empty array.
// Otherwise delete the file and return an empty array.
if (field_file_delete($file)) {
return array();
// set permanent status on files if unset.
// Set permanent status on files if unset.
if (empty($file['status'])) {
// cast to object since core functions us objects.
// Cast to object since core functions us objects.
$file = (object)$file;
file_set_status($file, FILE_STATUS_PERMANENT);
$file = (array)$file;
// Let modules update their additional file properties too.
foreach(module_implements('file') as $module) {
$function = $module .'_file';
$function('update', $file);
return $file;
......@@ -131,7 +183,7 @@ function field_file_delete($file, $force = FALSE) {
function field_file_check_directory(&$directory, $mode = 0, $form_item = NULL) {
$directory = rtrim($directory, '/\\');
// Check if directory exists.
// Check if the directory exists.
if (!is_dir($directory)) {
if (($mode & FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY) && @mkdir($directory)) {
@chmod($directory, 0775); // Necessary for non-webserver users.
......@@ -150,7 +202,7 @@ function field_file_check_directory(&$directory, $mode = 0, $form_item = NULL) {
if (($mode & FILE_MODIFY_PERMISSIONS) && !@chmod($directory, 0775)) {
if ($form_item) {
form_set_error($form_item, t('The directory %directory is not writable', array('%directory' => $directory)));
watchdog('file system', 'The directory %directory is not writable, because it does not have the correct permissions set.', array('%directory' => $directory), WATCHDOG_ERROR);
return FALSE;
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