Commit ec781865 authored by git's avatar git Committed by borisson_

Issue #2866167 by borisson_, alan-ps: Fix test failure

parent 1c1588cb
......@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@ class FacetForm extends EntityForm {
// Only widgets that return an array can work with rest facet sources, so if
// the user has selected another widget, we should point them to their
// misconfiguration.
if ($facet->getFacetSource()->getDisplay() instanceof \Drupal\search_api\Plugin\search_api\display\ViewsRestDisplay) {
if ($facet->getFacetSource()->getDisplay() instanceof \Drupal\search_api\Plugin\search_api\display\ViewsRest) {
if (strpos($values['widget'], 'array') === FALSE) {
$form_state->setErrorByName('widget', $this->t('The Facet source is a Rest export. Please select a raw widget.'));
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