Commit ca701c62 authored by NickWilde's avatar NickWilde Committed by borisson_

Issue #2943636 by Devin Carlson, NickWilde: Update jquery.ui.slider.pips JS/CSS paths

parent 364673e0
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Installation
* If you want to use the sliders, you need to add the Slider pips jquery
- create the /libraries/jquery-ui-slider-pips folder.
- create the /libraries/jquery-ui-slider-pips/dist folder.
- download the following files from
- jquery-ui-slider-pips.min.js
......@@ -17,6 +17,13 @@ Installation
You can find more information about this jquery plugin on
Alternatively, you can install from Asset Packagist using Composer.
If you are using the Lightning or Drupal Commerce base distros, just run
`composer require "bower-asset/jquery-ui-slider-pips:^1.11"
If you don't have Asset Packagist configured, see
for instructions.
......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ jquery.ui.slider.pips:
gpl-compatible: true
/libraries/jquery-ui-slider-pips/jquery-ui-slider-pips.min.js: { minified: true }
/libraries/jquery-ui-slider-pips/dist/jquery-ui-slider-pips.min.js: { minified: true }
/libraries/jquery-ui-slider-pips/jquery-ui-slider-pips.min.css: { minified: true }
/libraries/jquery-ui-slider-pips/dist/jquery-ui-slider-pips.min.css: { minified: true }
- core/jquery.ui.slider
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