Commit 0b4b761e authored by ericclaeren's avatar ericclaeren Committed by borisson_

Issue #2909115 by borisson_, ericclaeren, StryKaizer: Add prefix/suffix module to

parent 03949b9c
......@@ -130,6 +130,8 @@ EXTENSION MODULES
Provides a link the a facet trough an entity reference field.
Provides a plugin to configure a prefix/suffix per result.
......@@ -151,3 +153,9 @@ A: Facets use the same limitations as the query object passed, so when using
views, add a filter to the view to limit to one language.
Otherwise, this is solved by adding a `hook_search_api_query_alter()` that
limits the results to the current language.
Q: I would like a prefix/suffix for facet result items.
A: If you just need to show text, use
However if you need to include html you can use
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