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Issue #2752221 by slashrsm, chishah92: Update module page information

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......@@ -24,16 +24,18 @@ Entity Embed can be installed via the
* Go to the 'Text formats and editors' configuration page: `/admin/config/content/formats`,
and for each text format/editor combo where you want to embed entities,
do the following:
* Enable the 'Display embedded entities' filter.
* Enable the "Display embedded entities" filter for the desired text formats
on the Text Formats configuration page.
* Drag and drop the 'E' button into the Active toolbar.
* If the text format uses the 'Limit allowed HTML tags and correct
faulty HTML' filter, ensure the necessary tags and attributes were
automatically whitelisted:
```<drupal-entity data-entity-type data-entity-uuid data-view-mode data-entity-embed-display data-entity-embed-display-settings data-align data-caption data-embed-button>```
appears in the 'Allowed HTML tags' setting.
appears in the 'Allowed HTML tags' setting.
*Warning: If you were using the module in very early pre-alpha
stages you might need to add `data-entity-id` to the list of allowed
attributes. Similarly, if you have been using the module in pre-beta stages,
you need to white-list the `data-entity-embed-settings` attribute.*
* If you're using both the 'Align images' and 'Caption images' filters make
sure the 'Align images' filter is run before the 'Caption images' filter in
the **Filter processing order** section. (Explanation: Due to the
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