Commit 724e7193 authored by fago's avatar fago

Patch by klausi: Sanitize field labels before passing them to the Token API.

parent a8688df0
......@@ -51,7 +51,10 @@ function entity_metadata_field_default_property_callback(&$info, $entity_type, $
$property = &$info[$entity_type]['bundles'][$instance['bundle']]['properties'][$name];
$instance += array('property info' => array());
$property = $instance['property info'] + array(
'label' => $instance['label'],
// Since the label will be exposed via hook_token_info() and it is not
// clearly defined if that should be sanitized already we prevent XSS
// right here (field labels are user provided text).
'label' => filter_xss_admin($instance['label']),
'type' => $field_type['property_type'],
'description' => t('Field "@name".', array('@name' => $name)),
'getter callback' => 'entity_metadata_field_property_get',
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