Commit e218bc0c authored by drumm's avatar drumm
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The 9.x API compatibility term was deleted, remove unreachable code

parent 00f3ccc5
......@@ -1056,11 +1056,7 @@ function drupalorg_project_conflicting_versions_form_validate(&$element, $form_s
$version = $element['#version_data'][$element['#value']];
if (isset($version->version_api)) {
if ($version->version_api === '9.x') {
// Disallow 9.x-… releases.
form_error($element, t('9.x releases are not allowed. See documentation on <a href="/node/1068944#d9">D9-compatible releases</a>.'));
elseif ($version->version_api === '8.x') {
if ($version->version_api === '8.x') {
// When there are also semver releases, do not allow 8.x releases that
// conflict. Find the lowest major version value used in a semver
// release for the project.
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