Commit f96d3a1a authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #3045349 by alexpott, mikelutz, geerlingguy, mglaman, larowlan: Lazy...

Issue #3045349 by alexpott, mikelutz, geerlingguy, mglaman, larowlan: Lazy started sessions with session data are not saved with symfony/http-foundation 3.4.24
parent 9240c9ad
......@@ -216,7 +216,10 @@ public function regenerate($destroy = FALSE, $lifetime = NULL) {
throw new \InvalidArgumentException('The optional parameters $destroy and $lifetime of SessionManager::regenerate() are not supported currently');
if ($this->isStarted()) {
// Only migrate the session if the session is really started and not only
// lazy started.
if ($this->started) {
$old_session_id = $this->getId();
// Save and close the old session. Call the parent method to avoid issue
// with session destruction due to the session being considered obsolete.
......@@ -340,4 +343,19 @@ protected function migrateStoredSession($old_session_id) {
* Checks if the session is started.
* Beginning with symfony/http-foundation 3.4.24, the session will no longer
* save unless this method returns true. The parent method returns true if
* $this->started is true, but we need the session to also save if we lazy
* started, so we override isStarted() here.
* @return bool
* True if started, false otherwise
public function isStarted() {
return parent::isStarted() || $this->startedLazy;
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