Commit f67cddb4 authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #302596 by dropcube: remove glob() because it is not available on all supported platforms.

parent de8ff4ad
......@@ -211,10 +211,11 @@ function drupal_detect_database_types() {
// without modifying the installer.
// Because we have no registry yet, we need to also include the
// file for the driver explicitly.
foreach (glob(DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/database/*/{install,database}.inc', GLOB_BRACE) as $file) {
include_once $file;
$dir_parts = explode('/', $file, -1);
$drivers[end($dir_parts)] = $file;
foreach (file_scan_directory(DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/database', '/^[a-z]*$/i', array('.', '..', 'CVS'), 0, FALSE) as $file) {
include_once "{$file->filename}/";
include_once "{$file->filename}/";
$drivers[$file->basename] = $file->filename;
foreach ($drivers as $driver => $file) {
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