Commit d712f83e authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #2989884 by chr.fritsch, alexpott, phenaproxima: Re-installing the media_library doesn't work

parent b102bc2e
langcode: en
status: true
- media_library
- media
id: media.media_library
......@@ -109,16 +109,18 @@ public function assertModuleConfig($module) {
$module_config_dependencies = \Drupal::service('config.manager')->findConfigEntityDependents('module', [$module]);
// Look up each default configuration object name in the active
// configuration, and if it exists, remove it from the stack.
// Only default config that belongs to $module is guaranteed to exist; any
// other default config depends on whether other modules are enabled. Thus,
// list all default config once more, but filtered by $module.
$names = $module_file_storage->listAll($module . '.');
$names = $module_file_storage->listAll();
foreach ($names as $key => $name) {
if ($this->config($name)->get()) {
// All configuration in a module's config/install directory should depend
// on the module as it must be removed on uninstall or the module will not
// be re-installable.
$this->assertTrue(strpos($name, $module . '.') === 0 || isset($module_config_dependencies[$name]), "Configuration $name provided by $module in its config/install directory does not depend on it.");
// Verify that all configuration has been installed (which means that $names
// is empty).
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