Commit c8a26f2d authored by David_Rothstein's avatar David_Rothstein

Issue #927138 by manarth, handrus, rasmusluckow, douggreen, .John, Taz,...

Issue #927138 by manarth, handrus, rasmusluckow, douggreen, .John, Taz, David_Rothstein, droplet, webchick, marcingy: Fail image generation with 404 instead of 500, when source file is missing.
parent 1b82c570
Drupal 7.33, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
- Made image derivative generation HTTP requests return a 404 error (rather
than a 500 error) when the source image does not exist.
- Fixed a bug which caused user pictures to be removed from the user object
after saving, and resulted in data loss if the user account was subsequently
......@@ -845,6 +845,12 @@ function image_style_deliver($style, $scheme) {
// Confirm that the original source image exists before trying to process it.
if (!is_file($image_uri)) {
watchdog('image', 'Source image at %source_image_path not found while trying to generate derivative image at %derivative_path.', array('%source_image_path' => $image_uri, '%derivative_path' => $derivative_uri));
// Don't start generating the image if the derivative already exists or if
// generation is in progress in another thread.
$lock_name = 'image_style_deliver:' . $style['name'] . ':' . drupal_hash_base64($image_uri);
......@@ -173,6 +173,16 @@ class ImageStylesPathAndUrlTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
$this->_testImageStyleUrlAndPath('public', TRUE, TRUE);
* Test that an invalid source image returns a 404.
function testImageStyleUrlForMissingSourceImage() {
$non_existent_uri = 'public://foo.png';
$generated_url = image_style_url($this->style_name, $non_existent_uri);
$this->assertResponse(404, 'Accessing an image style URL with a source image that does not exist provides a 404 error response.');
* Test image_style_url().
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