Commit c1ec0916 authored by cilefen's avatar cilefen

Issue #2821711 by Wim Leers: Apache always sets Content-Type: text/html, even for DELETE requests

parent 4229a76b
......@@ -1034,7 +1034,10 @@ public function testDelete() {
// 204 for well-formed request.
$response = $this->request('DELETE', $url, $request_options);
$this->assertSame(204, $response->getStatusCode());
// @todo Uncomment the following line when is fixed.
// DELETE responses should not include a Content-Type header. But Apache
// sets it to 'text/html' by default. We also cannot detect the presence of
// Apache either here in the CLI. For now having this documented here is all
// we can do.
// $this->assertSame(FALSE, $response->hasHeader('Content-Type'));
$this->assertSame('', (string) $response->getBody());
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