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This is a major rewrite of the Goofy-theme.... the major problem with it was...

This is a major rewrite of the Goofy-theme.... the major problem with it was that it required a *lot* of overhead for a simple box, due to the fancy borders. To counter this, I've added simple functions in JavaScript to output the actual boxes, while the PHP functions themselves output simple function calls to them.

The result is an incredible loss of size, especially on larger pages.... on a typical drupal page (header/footer, 1 story box, 1 comment mod box, 4 comments and 1 side box) the difference was 23K vs 15K, which I find quite good. You should also notice how big some pages were in the old version, which are still tiny in the new version.

There are a few problems though:
 - You can't use it in some parts of the admin section (preview a story), since admin.php leaves out the header(), so the html-generating functions are not included there.
 - Because drop can occasionally insert HTML directly, without going through themes, I have to wrap each box in its own <script> tag. The optimization would benefit even more if i could group all function calls in one <script> tag, but it's not possible at the moment.

I suggest you take a snapshot of an original goofy-page ( and compare it with the output of this one (cvs-version) to see how it works exactly. And finally, it works on both IE5 and NS4, so I assume it does on most browsers.
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