Commit b927d876 authored by David_Rothstein's avatar David_Rothstein

Issue #1229014 by bfroehle, jackbravo, illmasterc: Fixed Content-Disposition...

Issue #1229014 by bfroehle, jackbravo, illmasterc: Fixed Content-Disposition header makes private files show open/save prompts, but public files show inline.
parent 867ce3aa
Drupal 7.22, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
- Removed an unnecessary "Content-Disposition" header from private file
downloads; it prevented many private files from being viewed inline in a web
- Changed various field API functions to allow them to optionally act on a
single field within an entity (API addition:
- Fixed a bug which prevented Drupal's file transfer functionality from working
......@@ -2481,20 +2481,10 @@ function file_directory_temp() {
function file_get_content_headers($file) {
$name = mime_header_encode($file->filename);
$type = mime_header_encode($file->filemime);
// Serve images, text, and flash content for display rather than download.
$inline_types = variable_get('file_inline_types', array('^text/', '^image/', 'flash$'));
$disposition = 'attachment';
foreach ($inline_types as $inline_type) {
// Exclamation marks are used as delimiters to avoid escaping slashes.
if (preg_match('!' . $inline_type . '!', $file->filemime)) {
$disposition = 'inline';
return array(
'Content-Type' => $type,
'Content-Length' => $file->filesize,
'Content-Disposition' => $disposition . '; filename="' . $name . '"',
'Cache-Control' => 'private',
......@@ -827,7 +827,6 @@ class ImageFieldDisplayTestCase extends ImageFieldTestCase {
// Only verify HTTP headers when using private scheme and the headers are
// sent by Drupal.
$this->assertEqual($this->drupalGetHeader('Content-Type'), 'image/png', t('Content-Type header was sent.'));
$this->assertEqual($this->drupalGetHeader('Content-Disposition'), 'inline; filename="' . $test_image->filename . '"', t('Content-Disposition header was sent.'));
$this->assertEqual($this->drupalGetHeader('Cache-Control'), 'private', t('Cache-Control header was sent.'));
// Log out and try to access the file.
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