Commit b4dd6690 authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #2041321 by Unitoch, oriol_e9g, droplet: Unnecessary translate strings.

parent a2f9a607
......@@ -350,13 +350,13 @@ private function doNode($type) {
// Verify that the 'access denied' event was recorded.
$this->assertText(t('admin/reports/dblog'), 'DBLog event was recorded: [access denied]');
$this->assertText('admin/reports/dblog', 'DBLog event was recorded: [access denied]');
// View the database log page-not-found report page.
// Verify that the 'page not found' event was recorded.
$this->assertText(t('node/@nid', array('@nid' => $node->id())), 'DBLog event was recorded: [page not found]');
$this->assertText('node/' . $node->id(), 'DBLog event was recorded: [page not found]');
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