Commit abb166c0 authored by David_Rothstein's avatar David_Rothstein

Various updates to CHANGELOG.txt in preparation for the 7.33 release.

parent 0091b698
......@@ -30,10 +30,13 @@ Drupal 7.33, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
not do anything when it was invoked.
- Added a "theme_hook_original" variable to templates and theme functions and
an optional sitewide theme debug mode, to provide contextual information in
the page's HTML to theme developers (API addition).
the page's HTML to theme developers. The theme debug mode is based on the one
used with Twig in Drupal 8 and can be accessed by setting the "theme_debug"
variable to TRUE (API addition).
- Added an entity_view_mode_prepare() API function to allow entity-defining
modules to properly invoke hook_entity_view_mode_alter(), and used it
throughout Drupal core to fix bugs with the invocation of that hook.
throughout Drupal core to fix bugs with the invocation of that hook (API
- Security improvement: Made the database API's orderBy() method sanitize the
sort direction ("ASC" or "DESC") for queries built with db_select(), so that
calling code does not have to.
......@@ -54,6 +57,9 @@ Drupal 7.33, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
hook_query_alter() on these queries).
- Removed special-case behavior for file uploads which allowed user #1 to
bypass maximum file size and user quota limits.
- Numerous small bug fixes.
- Numerous API documentation improvements.
- Additional automated test coverage.
Drupal 7.32, 2014-10-15
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