Commit a32836f2 authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Updated CHANGELOG.

parent fa207bd2
Drupal 4.3.2, 2004-01-01
- fixed bugs: no critical bugs were identified
Drupal 4.3.1, 2003-12-01
- fixed broken link in forum module.
- fixed broken usernames in 'Who's new' block.
- fixed error messages not being shown.
- fixed incorrect link title in watchdog module.
- fixed invalid XHTML in poll.module.
- fixed leftover debug statement in story module.
- fixed menu glitch in book module.
- fixed non-ANSI SQL query in path module.
- fixed typo in cloud module.
- fixed bug #2617: editing user information does not work.
- fixed bug #3900: PostgreSQL problem with locale module.
- fixed bug #4055: Added missing break statements.
- fixed bug #4080: comments shown against wrong node.
- fixed bug #4323: Renamed 'Content-length' to 'Content-Length.
- translation fix: made the word 'permission' translatable in the system module' help text.
- translation fix: the date in the calendar block could not be translated.
- translation fix: the ping module's help text was translated twice.
- fixed bugs: no critical bugs were identified
Drupal 4.3.0, 2003-11-01
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