Commit 9c5cd0c6 authored by David_Rothstein's avatar David_Rothstein

Issue #2530872 by orbmantell, TravisCarden: Improve documentation of...

Issue #2530872 by orbmantell, TravisCarden: Improve documentation of drupal_get_schema() and drupal_get_schema_unprocessed()
parent e2050b57
......@@ -2959,7 +2959,9 @@ function ip_address() {
* Gets the schema definition of a table, or the whole database schema.
* The returned schema will include any modifications made by any
* module that implements hook_schema_alter().
* module that implements hook_schema_alter(). To get the schema without
* modifications, use drupal_get_schema_unprocessed().
* @param $table
* The name of the table. If not given, the schema of all tables is returned.
......@@ -7098,7 +7098,8 @@ function drupal_uninstall_schema($module) {
* specification of a schema, as it was defined in a module's
* hook_schema(). No additional default values will be set,
* hook_schema_alter() is not invoked and these unprocessed
* definitions won't be cached.
* definitions won't be cached. To retrieve the schema after
* hook_schema_alter() has been invoked use drupal_get_schema().
* This function can be used to retrieve a schema specification in
* hook_schema(), so it allows you to derive your tables from existing
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