Commit 99ac4537 authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #1377544 by kotnik: hook_update_N documentation uses dead links.

parent dd13c22e
......@@ -2874,14 +2874,11 @@ function hook_install() {
* A good rule of thumb is to remove updates older than two major releases of
* Drupal. See hook_update_last_removed() to notify Drupal about the removals.
* For further information about releases and release numbers see:
* @link Maintaining a project with Git @endlink
* Never renumber update functions.
* Further information about releases and release numbers:
* - @link @endlink
* - @link @endlink (Overview of contributions branches and tags)
* - @link @endlink
* Implementations of this hook should be placed in a mymodule.install file in
* the same directory as mymodule.module. Drupal core's updates are implemented
* using the system module as a name and stored in database/
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