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Issue #2845484 by Jo Fitzgerald, quietone, Kifah Meeran, Winthropian, phenaproxima, tstoeckler: Add documentation to MachineName process plugin
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use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerInterface;
* This plugin creates a machine name.
* Creates a machine name.
* The current value gets transliterated, non-alphanumeric characters removed
* and replaced by an underscore and multiple underscores are collapsed into
* one.
* The machine_name process plugin takes the source value and runs it through
* the transliteration service. This makes the source value lowercase,
* replaces anything that is not a number or a letter with an underscore,
* and removes duplicate underscores.
* @link Online handbook documentation for machine_name process plugin @endlink
* Letters will have language decorations and accents removed.
* Example:
* @code
* process:
* bar:
* plugin: machine_name
* source: foo
* @endcode
* If the value of foo in the source is 'áéí!' then the destination value of bar
* will be 'aei_'.
* @see \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\MigrateProcessInterface
* @MigrateProcessPlugin(
* id = "machine_name"
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