Commit 7b7779f6 authored by cilefen's avatar cilefen

Issue #2898808 by effulgentsia, larowlan, drpal, droplet, cilefen:...

Issue #2898808 by effulgentsia, larowlan, drpal, droplet, cilefen: [regression] With jQuery3, modal tour tips lose their grey background and centering
parent 11ef44a7
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......@@ -391,13 +391,18 @@ jquery.form:
version: "v2.1.0"
# We rely on a fix (commit c2b3866) that occurred after 2.1.0 was released.
# @see
# @todo Update to 2.1.1 or later when that's released.
# Version is set at allowing version_compare to consider this lower
# than 2.1.1 however greater than 2.1.0
version: ""
name: MIT
gpl-compatible: true
assets/vendor/jquery-joyride/jquery.joyride-2.1.min.js: { minified: true }
assets/vendor/jquery-joyride/jquery.joyride-2.1.js: { }
- core/jquery
- core/jquery.cookie
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