Commit 75f633e7 authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #2599190 by chegor, rakesh.gectcr, sdstyles, aneeshthankachan,...

Issue #2599190 by chegor, rakesh.gectcr, sdstyles, aneeshthankachan, anil280988, Himanshu5050, jhodgdon: Update upgrading procedure describing in UPGRADE.txt
parent 49aeced8
......@@ -64,8 +64,8 @@ following the instructions in the INTRODUCTION section at the top of this file:
Enable the "Put site into maintenance mode" checkbox and save the
3. Remove all old core files and directories, except for the 'sites' directory
and any custom files you added elsewhere.
3. Remove the 'core' and 'vendor' directories. Also remove all of the files
in the top-level directory, except any that you added manually.
If you made modifications to files like .htaccess, composer.json, or
robots.txt you will need to re-apply them from your backup, after the new
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