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Drupal 7.8

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Drupal 7.8-dev, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
Drupal 7.8, 2011-08-31
- Fixed critical upgrade path issue with multilingual sites, leading to lost
- Numerous fixes to upgrade path, preventing fatal errors due to incorrect
- Fixed issue with saving files on hosts with open_basedir restrictions.
- Fixed Update manger error when used with Overlay.
- Fixed RTL support in Seven administration theme and Overlay.
- Fixes to nested transaction support.
- Introduced performance pattern to reduce Drupal core's RAM usage.
- Added support for HTML 5 tags to filter_xss_admin().
- Added exception handling to cron.
- Added new hook hook_field_widget_form_alter() for contribtued modules.
- element_validate_*() functions now available to contrib.
- Added new maintainers for several subsystems.
- Numerous testing system improvements.
- Numerous markup and CSS fixes.
- Numerous poll module fixes.
- Numerous notice/warning fixes.
- Numerous documentation fixes.
- Numerous token fixes.
Drupal 7.7, 2011-07-27
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
* The current system version.
define('VERSION', '7.8-dev');
define('VERSION', '7.8');
* Core API compatibility.
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