Commit 5681fbee authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #2805213 by agoradesign: Incorrect documentation for...

Issue #2805213 by agoradesign: Incorrect documentation for EntityAccessControlHandler::checkFieldAccess()
parent 380bc5a4
......@@ -346,8 +346,8 @@ public function fieldAccess($operation, FieldDefinitionInterface $field_definiti
* is checked for the field definition, without any specific value
* available. Defaults to NULL.
* @return bool
* TRUE if access is allowed, FALSE otherwise.
* @return \Drupal\Core\Access\AccessResultInterface
* The access result.
protected function checkFieldAccess($operation, FieldDefinitionInterface $field_definition, AccountInterface $account, FieldItemListInterface $items = NULL) {
return AccessResult::allowed();
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