Commit 546635ea authored by Gerhard Killesreiter's avatar Gerhard Killesreiter

prevent execution of scripts from files directory

parent 3186c6aa
......@@ -189,6 +189,13 @@ INSTALLATION
by the Drupal server process. You can change the name of this
subdirectory at "Administer > Settings > File system settings".
SECURITY NOTICE: Certain Apache configurations can be vulnerable
to a security exploit allowing arbitrary code execution. Drupal
will attempt to automatically create a .htaccess file in your
"files" directory to protect you. If you already have a .htaccess
file in that location, please add the following line:
SetHandler This_is_a_Drupal_security_line_do_not_remove
You can now launch your browser and point it to your Drupal site.
Create an account and login. The first account will automatically
......@@ -105,6 +105,17 @@ function file_check_directory(&$directory, $mode = 0, $form_item = NULL) {
if ((variable_get('file_directory_temp', FILE_DIRECTORY_TEMP) == $directory || variable_get('file_directory_path', 'files') == $directory) && !is_file("$directory/.htaccess")) {
if (($fp = fopen("$directory/.htaccess", 'w')) && fputs($fp, 'SetHandler This_is_a_Drupal_security_line_do_not_remove')) {
else {
$message = t("Security warning: Couldn't write .htaccess. Please create a .htaccess file in your %directory directory which contains the following line: <code>SetHandler This_is_a_Drupal_security_line_do_not_remove</code>", array('%directory' => $directory));
form_set_error($form_item, $message);
watchdog('file system', $message, WATCHDOG_ERROR);
return true;
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