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Issue #2676472 by micaelamenara, dagmar, jhodgdon: docs for t() and related...

Issue #2676472 by micaelamenara, dagmar, jhodgdon: docs for t() and related functions don't explain how context works
parent 4fb5e506
......@@ -1439,6 +1439,23 @@ function drupal_unpack($obj, $field = 'data') {
* available to code that needs localization. See st() and get_t() for
* alternatives.
* @section sec_context String context
* Matching source strings are normally only translated once, and the same
* translation is used everywhere that has a matching string. However, in some
* cases, a certain English source string needs to have multiple translations.
* One example of this is the string "May", which could be used as either a
* full month name or a 3-letter abbreviated month. In other languages where
* the month name for May has more than 3 letters, you would need to provide
* two different translations (one for the full name and one abbreviated), and
* the correct form would need to be chosen, depending on how "May" is being
* used. To facilitate this, the "May" string should be provided with two
* different contexts in the $options parameter when calling t(). For example:
* @code
* t('May', array(), array('context' => 'Long month name')
* t('May', array(), array('context' => 'Abbreviated month name')
* @endcode
* See for more information.
* @param $string
* A string containing the English string to translate.
* @param $args
......@@ -1449,8 +1466,9 @@ function drupal_unpack($obj, $field = 'data') {
* An associative array of additional options, with the following elements:
* - 'langcode' (defaults to the current language): The language code to
* translate to a language other than what is used to display the page.
* - 'context' (defaults to the empty context): The context the source string
* belongs to.
* - 'context' (defaults to the empty context): A string giving the context
* that the source string belongs to. See @ref sec_context above for more
* information.
* @return
* The translated string.
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