Commit 4c6aa620 authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #2962764 by timmillwood, amateescu, catch, Fabianx: Better explain _initialPublished process

(cherry picked from commit 44396edf)
parent c09a201e
......@@ -152,8 +152,8 @@ public function entityPresave(EntityInterface $entity) {
// - An unpublished default revision in the default ('live') workspace.
// - A published pending revision in the current workspace.
if ($entity->isNew() && $entity->isPublished()) {
// Keep track of the publishing status for workspaces_entity_insert() and
// unpublish the default revision.
// Keep track of the publishing status in a dynamic property for
// ::entityInsert(), then unpublish the default revision.
// @todo Remove this dynamic property once we have an API for associating
// temporary data with an entity:
$entity->_initialPublished = TRUE;
......@@ -179,11 +179,13 @@ public function entityInsert(EntityInterface $entity) {
// Handle the case when a new published entity was created in a non-default
// workspace and create a published pending revision for it. This does not
// cause an infinite recursion with ::entityPresave() because at this point
// the entity is no longer new.
// @todo Better explain in
// When an entity is newly created in a workspace, it should be published in
// that workspace, but not yet published on the live workspace. It is first
// saved as unpublished for the default revision, then immediately a second
// revision is created which is published and attached to the workspace.
// This ensures that the published version of the entity does not 'leak'
// into the live site. This differs from edits to existing entities where
// there is already a valid default revision for the live workspace.
if (isset($entity->_initialPublished)) {
// Operate on a clone to avoid changing the entity prior to subsequent
// hook_entity_insert() implementations.
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