Commit 433fe74a authored by David_Rothstein's avatar David_Rothstein

Issue #1221772 by pounard, colan, jcisio | sivaji: Fixed Transaction database...

Issue #1221772 by pounard, colan, jcisio | sivaji: Fixed Transaction database settings is misleading in settings.php.
parent a6d70ddf
......@@ -83,11 +83,13 @@
* webserver. For most other drivers, you must specify a
* username, password, host, and database name.
* Some database engines support transactions. In order to enable
* transaction support for a given database, set the 'transactions' key
* to TRUE. To disable it, set it to FALSE. Note that the default value
* varies by driver. For MySQL, the default is FALSE since MyISAM tables
* do not support transactions.
* Transaction support is enabled by default for all drivers that support it,
* including MySQL. To explicitly disable it, set the 'transactions' key to
* Note that some configurations of MySQL, such as the MyISAM engine, don't
* support it and will proceed silently even if enabled. If you experience
* transaction related crashes with such configuration, set the 'transactions'
* key to FALSE.
* For each database, you may optionally specify multiple "target" databases.
* A target database allows Drupal to try to send certain queries to a
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