Commit 418f43f7 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy

#917670 by mr.baileys, rdrh555: fix documentation for drupal_alter()

parent 53a2a088
......@@ -2843,13 +2843,21 @@ function drupal_system_listing($mask, $directory, $key = 'name', $min_depth = 1)
* interface for all altering operations.
* @param $type
* The data type of the structured array. 'form', 'links',
* 'node_content', and so on are several examples.
* A string describing the type of the alterable $data (e.g. 'form',
* 'profile').
* @param $data
* The structured array to be altered.
* The variable that will be passed to hook_TYPE_alter() implementations to
* be altered. The type of this variable depends on $type. For example, when
* altering a 'form', $data will be a structured array. When altering a
* 'profile', $data will be an object. If you need to pass additional
* parameters by reference to the hook_TYPE_alter() functions, include them
* as an array in $data['__drupal_alter_by_ref']. They will be unpacked and
* passed to the hook_TYPE_alter() functions, before the additional
* ... parameters (see below).
* @param ...
* Any additional params will be passed on to the called
* hook_$type_alter functions.
* Any additional parameters will be passed on to the hook_TYPE_alter()
* functions (not by reference), after any by-reference parameters included
* in $data (see above)
function drupal_alter($type, &$data) {
// PHP's func_get_args() always returns copies of params, not references, so
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