Commit 36788f86 authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #2561135 by alexpott: Views.Drupal\views\Tests\Handler\FieldFieldTest fails on postgres

parent 447a0499
......@@ -531,7 +531,7 @@ public function testMissingBundleFieldRender() {
$executable = Views::getView('test_field_field_test');
$this->assertEqual('', $executable->getStyle()->getField(1, 'field_test'));
$this->assertEqual('', $executable->getStyle()->getField(6, 'field_test'));
......@@ -32,6 +32,15 @@ display:
entity_field: field_test
type: html_list
id: vid
table: entity_test
field: id
order: ASC
plugin_id: field
entity_type: entity_test
entity_field: id
display_plugin: default
display_title: Master
id: default
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