Commit 238ca542 authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #2449813 by JeroenT: Remove update_get_projects()

parent d9826167
......@@ -5,58 +5,6 @@
* Code required only when comparing available updates to existing data.
* Fetches an array of installed and enabled projects.
* This is only responsible for generating an array of projects (taking into
* account projects that include more than one module or theme). Other
* information like the specific version and install type (official release,
* dev snapshot, etc) is handled later in update_process_project_info() since
* that logic is only required when preparing the status report, not for
* fetching the available release data.
* This array is fairly expensive to construct, since it involves a lot of disk
* I/O, so we store the results. However, since this is not the data about
* available updates fetched from the network, it is acceptable to invalidate it
* somewhat quickly. If we keep this data for very long, site administrators are
* more likely to see incorrect results if they upgrade to a newer version of a
* module or theme but do not visit certain pages that automatically clear this
* data.
* @return
* An associative array of currently enabled projects keyed by the
* machine-readable project short name. Each project contains:
* - name: The machine-readable project short name.
* - info: An array with values from the main .info.yml file for this project.
* - name: The human-readable name of the project.
* - package: The package that the project is grouped under.
* - version: The version of the project.
* - project: The project name.
* - datestamp: The date stamp of the project's main .info.yml file.
* - _info_file_ctime: The maximum file change time for all of the .info.yml
* files included in this project.
* - datestamp: The date stamp when the project was released, if known.
* - includes: An associative array containing all projects included with this
* project, keyed by the machine-readable short name with the human-readable
* name as value.
* - project_type: The type of project. Allowed values are 'module' and
* 'theme'.
* - project_status: This indicates if the project is enabled and will always
* be TRUE, as the function only returns enabled projects.
* - sub_themes: If the project is a theme it contains an associative array of
* all sub-themes.
* - base_themes: If the project is a theme it contains an associative array
* of all base-themes.
* @see \Drupal\update\UpdateManager::getProjects()
* @deprecated in Drupal 8.x-dev, will be removed before Drupal 8.0.
* Use \Drupal::service('update.manager')->getProjects().
function update_get_projects() {
return \Drupal::service('update.manager')->getProjects();
* Determines version and type information for currently installed projects.
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