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Drupal 7.9

parent 1986255b
Drupal 7.9, 2011-10-26
- Critical fixes to OpenID to spec violations that could allow for
impersonation in certain scenarios. Existing OpenID users should see for more information on
- Fixed files getting lost when adding multiple files to multiple file fields
at the same time.
- Improved usability of the clean URL test screens.
- Restored height/width attributes on images run through the theme system.
- Fixed usability bug with first password field being pre-filled by certain
browser plugins.
- Fixed file_usage_list() so that it can return more than one result.
- Fixed bug preventing preview of private images on node form.
- Fixed PDO error when inserting an aggregator title longer than 255 characters.
- Spelled out what TRADITIONAL means in MySQL sql_mode.
- Deprecated "!=" operator for DBTNG; should be "<>".
- Added two new API functions (menu_tree_set_path()/menu_tree_get_path()) were
added in order to enable setting the active menu trail for dynamically
generated menu paths.
- Added new "fast 404" capability in settings.php to bypass Drupal bootstrap
when serving 404 pages for certain file types.
- Added format_string() function which can perform string munging ala the t()
function without the overhead of the translation system.
- Numerous #states system fixes.
- Numerous EntityFieldQuery, DBTNG, and SQLite fixes.
- Numerous Shortcut module fixes.
- Numerous language system fixes.
- Numerous token fixes.
- Numerous CSS fixes.
- Numerous upgrade path fixes.
- Numerous minor string fixes.
- Numerous notice fixes.
Drupal 7.8, 2011-08-31
- Fixed critical upgrade path issue with multilingual sites, leading to lost
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
* The current system version.
define('VERSION', '7.9-dev');
define('VERSION', '7.9');
* Core API compatibility.
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