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administer permissions:
  title: Administer permissions
  restrict access: true
administer account settings:
  title: 'Administer account settings'
  description: 'Configure site-wide settings and behavior for user accounts and registration. This includes account cancellation methods, the content of user emails and fields attached to users.'
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  restrict access: true
administer users:
  title: 'Administer users'
  description: 'Manage all user accounts. This includes editing all user information, changes of email addresses and passwords, issuing emails to users and blocking and deleting user accounts.'
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  restrict access: true
access user profiles:
  title: 'View user information'
change own username:
  title: 'Change own username'
select account cancellation method:
  title: 'Select method for cancelling account'
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  restrict access: true
cancel account:
  title: 'Cancel own user account'
  description: 'Note: content may be kept, unpublished, deleted or transferred to the anonymous user depending on the configured user settings.'