1. 20 Nov, 2001 1 commit
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      · c3501960
      Dries authored
      - added a "line" filter
  2. 19 Nov, 2001 1 commit
  3. 18 Nov, 2001 8 commits
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      · ccbbddbc
      Dries authored
      - Removed the limit on the blog searches (patch by Natrak).  For now it
        fixes some annoying issueus but this will need more work in future as
        it doesn't really scale too well.
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      · ac775ebc
      Dries authored
      - re-enabled the weblogs.com notification code
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      · e641cacd
      Dries authored
        - small visual bugfix
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      · 41295e4d
      Dries authored
      - fixed bug with minimum teaser/blog/story size
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      · b7147578
      Dries authored
      - Replaced some (if not all) "Nodes" by more meaningful names/texts.
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      · e7e104e8
      Dries authored
      - node system:
         + Made the filters work again!
         + There is one strange thing that I can't track down though: for some
           reason, "^M" characters (?) are padded after newline ("\n" and / or
           "\r") characters.
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      · 0222ee66
      Dries authored
      - book.module:
         + Re-introduced and re-wrote the book admin pages; there is a separate
           page for every book and a page with all "orphan pages" (= pages that
           got de-linked).
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      · 738c13e6
      Dries authored
        - removed some dull watchdog()s
  4. 17 Nov, 2001 7 commits
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      · cc4d9fbe
      Dries authored
      Experimental change:
        - Blog entries get queued in the moderation queue for promotion.
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      · e596301b
      Dries authored
      - Made a few improvements to the tracker module; the problems were reported
        by ax.
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      code-style.pl · ac50e1a4
      Kjartan authored
      - allow $var++ and $var-- syntax.
      update.php / block.module
      - cleaned up coding style, and trailing spaces.
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      - changed the $function code to use module_invoke() as its a lot cleaner and · 0db3df1b
      Kjartan authored
        more in tune with the rest of Drupal.
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      Removed some 'debug' stuff :P · 8ae1611c
      Steven Wittens authored
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      · 6fd5a8d9
      Dries authored
      - update.php: discovered and fixed a small thinko in update function #7.
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      · cd2df442
      Dries authored
      - update.php:
          * added a new update method to create the authmap table, to move
            the old 'jabber' and 'drupal' field in the users table to this
            new authmap table, and to remove users and node left-overs.
  5. 15 Nov, 2001 1 commit
  6. 14 Nov, 2001 2 commits
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      · e42d97b5
      Dries authored
      User module and DA modules:
        + Updated the documentation to use a Jabber or Drupal IDs instead of
          Deplhi IDs (as delphi.module won't be part of the default distro).
          Drupal and Jabber authentication make a better example.
        + added missing localization / t() functions in
        + applied coding convention:
            * fixed indentation
            * removed "EOF"; and <<EOFs from user module
            * changed some HTML into XHTML: use small letters, quote
            * quoted some array indices: $edit[foo] --> $edit["foo"]
        + removed some useless sprintf()'s
        + removed hard-coded references to drop.org.
        + I don't think the authentication methods should /know/ there help
          link.  Instead, the user module should now where to find the help
          (it does by knowing the hook to look for), and it is the user
          module that should take care of exporting the help to the preferred
            * removed the "link" field from the $info field in drupal_info
              and jabber_info; it wasn't used anyway?
        + removed the "maintainer" and "maintaineremail" from the auth
          modules; we don't keep this info in the other modules either so
          I don't see a reason to do so here.
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      · deaf0271
      Dries authored
      - Added the MAINTAINERS file to CVS.
  7. 13 Nov, 2001 1 commit
  8. 12 Nov, 2001 5 commits
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      · ebb14ab9
      Dries authored
      - A couple of new node updates
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      · 84cdc3c6
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      - fixed a typo in an English sentence.
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      · 03c670a4
      Dries authored
      - removed trailing whitespaces
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      · 6642f298
      Dries authored
      - node modules:
         + made some improvements to the node access checks
      - queue module:
         + form()-ified the queue module and added some extra information
           or guidelines
         + added a few missing translations
         + ...
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      · 1291d8dc
      Dries authored
      - Made a small change to the submission rate throttle
  9. 11 Nov, 2001 3 commits
  10. 10 Nov, 2001 2 commits
  11. 07 Nov, 2001 2 commits
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      · 234b40b2
      Dries authored
      - node system:
         + Added the "delete node"-link: apparently it got lost during the last
           commit.  Odd.
         + Changed "Edit node" to "Edit <node_name>" on the 'edit node'-page of
           the admin section.  (There a 4 "Node"s that still need to be removed
         + Updated the initial submission page (the old submit.php) to include
           some descriptions.
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      · 74a1fe57
      Dries authored
        - rewrote the script in PHP.
        - added support for mailing list.
        - made the parser better.
  12. 05 Nov, 2001 1 commit
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      · db47bac3
      Dries authored
      - node.module:
         + Changed node_form() to use good ol' tables instead of div/CSS-tags.
         + Revised the "revision API": I think we have both an easy and powerful
           API now that should make everyone happy.
         + Improved the usability of the rollback functionality a bit.
         + Removed the "view node" link from the "node overview" page in the
           admin section and added a "delete node" link instead.
         + Added a few missing translations; there might be missing more
           translations though.
      - book.module:
         + Made the book module use the "revision API" instead of having it poke
           and use the innards and underlying details of the revision system.
      - queue.module:
         + Made the queue module use the improved revision number.
      - module.inc:
         + Applied Moshe's patch: added more arguments to module_invoke()
      - mail-to-sql.pl:
         + Added support for more header fields and for folded fields
      - no database updates required
  13. 04 Nov, 2001 4 commits
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      · f88cfaa2
      Dries authored
      - Another batch of updates.  The most important bit is that the moderation
        queue should be functional again.  It's not ready yet but I'll be tuning
        it for the next two evenings or so.
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      - typo · 4af6c9d2
      Dries authored
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      · b6f1c9c7
      Dries authored
      - node system:
          + fixed a typo in node_load(): it should be faster now
      - book module:
          + removed the functions book_parent() and book_parent_query() as
            they were no longer needed.  Gerhard & co: this should fix the
            occasional SQL errors you get, and should improve performance.
          + made the "next", "previous" and "up" links work correctly ...
          + XHTML-ified the code
          + added some missing translations
        I'm working on the book module now to make it possible to update book
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      · 29364d5b
      Dries authored
      - improved the upgrade scripts/file a bit and tested them against a couple
        of older (PEAR-less) Drupal databases
  14. 03 Nov, 2001 2 commits
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      · 50b92b91
      Dries authored
      - small bugfix
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      · a2e69109
      Dries authored
      - Made the node forms support "help texts": it is not possible to configure
        Drupal to display submission guidelines, or any other kind of explanation
        such as "NO TEST POSTS", for example.
      - Added node versioning: it is possible to create revisions, to view old
        revisions and to roll-back to older revisions.  You'll need to apply a
        SQL update.
        I'm going to work on the book module now, so I might be changing a few
        things to enable collaborative, moderated revisions - but feel free to
        send some first feedback, if you like.
      - Added some configuration options which can be used to set the minimum
        number of words a blog/story should consist of.  Hopefully this will
        be usefull to stop the (almost empty) test blogs.
      - Various improvements:
         + Fine-tuned new node permission system.
         + Fine-tuned the functions in node.inc.
         + Fine-tuned some forms.
         + XHTML-ified some code.