1. 04 Dec, 2003 1 commit
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      · a5f76cd5
      Dries authored
      - Patch 180 by Jeremy: made the "Who is online" block respect the "user list length"
  2. 03 Dec, 2003 2 commits
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      · a1227f69
      Dries authored
      - Removed some dead breadcrumb code identified by Tom Dobes.
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      · 17519d3e
      Dries authored
      - Patch 0178 by eafarris: moved the watchdog colors to CSS so they are themeable.
  3. 01 Dec, 2003 2 commits
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      - Fixed incorrect filter usage · a7e205d2
      Steven Wittens authored
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      · 4e2c0b25
      Dries authored
      - Introduced a drupal_set_message() and drupal_get_message() function.
        Contributed themes and modules need to be updated:
         - modules: status() is no more; use drupal_set_message() instead.
         - themes: use drupal_get_message() to check for status messages and
           visualize them.
  4. 30 Nov, 2003 2 commits
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      · 800a58f5
      Dries authored
      - Removed duplicated code.  Reported by Goba.
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      · f10cf475
      Dries authored
      - Better separation between throttle and statistics module code.  Patch by Jeremy.
  5. 29 Nov, 2003 1 commit
  6. 28 Nov, 2003 4 commits
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      - Fixed broken usernames in 'Who's new' block. · acf57247
      Dries authored
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      · ece42b6c
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix by Jeremy.
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      · 733d286b
      Dries authored
      - Made it possible to auto-throttle blocks.  That is, blocks can be
        configured to be disabled when under excessive load.  Patch by Jeremy.
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      · fa5aca1e
      Dries authored
      - Fixed error messages not being shown.  Patch by Matt.
  7. 27 Nov, 2003 9 commits
  8. 26 Nov, 2003 2 commits
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      · b55975d6
      Dries authored
      - Doxygen improvements.  Patch by Ax.
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      · 53cc5ba8
      Dries authored
      Statistics module patch by Jeremy:
        - removed custom user-page configuration
        - added user-page configuration as group into statistics_settings()
        - inlined logic to display user-page within statistics_page()
        - changed references of "top content" to "most popular content"
        - updated help to reflect recent changes
        - removed references to title/subtitle text configuration
        - properly load _settings data for popular content block
        - fix admin pages to display referrers and top nodes (don't return...)
  9. 25 Nov, 2003 5 commits
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      · 35e92aa7
      Dries authored
      - Improved usability of the statistics module's setting page.  Patch by
    • Dries's avatar
      · 6135c14c
      Dries authored
      Statistics module improvements by Jeremy:
      - Remove custom configuration of "admin/system/block/top nodes block".
      - Three remaining configuration options moved to "admin/system/modules/statistics".
      - Move simple logic to display block within statistics_block().
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      · 18d81e5e
      Dries authored
      - Fixed two typos.  Reported by Jeremy.
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      · 506fe741
      Dries authored
      - Moved the "Who's online" block from the statistics module to the user module
        as the code no longer relies on the statistics module.  In addition, some
        code has been simplified and other bits have been removed.  Patch by Jeremy.
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      · c0494c0a
      Dries authored
      - Committed phase 4 of JonBob's menu system changes.
  10. 24 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      Patch by Ax to fixe and improve to the core doxygen PHPdoc: · 06045ff7
      Dries authored
        * fixes all doxygen warnings [#]_ in the current code base
          + changes @param style from phpDocumentor (@param type $var desc) to doxygen (@param $var desc)
          + documents all undocumented parameters
          + escapes / fixes html warnings
          + fixes @defgroup in theme.inc
        * adds more groupings [#]_
          + drupal_{set|get}_title, drupal_{set|get}_breadcrumb
          + pager.inc: pager_api (pager_query(), pager_display()), pager pieces
        * adds a new group "themeable" which contains all themeable functions.
  11. 23 Nov, 2003 5 commits
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      · c2a4a5ec
      Dries authored
      - Made the help text sharable by removing incorrect use of $base_url.  Patch
        by Goba.
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      · f505fb9c
      Dries authored
      - Synchronized some page and link titles.
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      · 875c6e3f
      Dries authored
      - Performance improvement: avoid copying/cloning arrays.  Patch #155 by anarcat.
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      · 2fa24977
      Dries authored
      - Committed patch #165 by Moshe.
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      · 26735ac5
      Dries authored
      - Committed phase 3 of JonBob's menu changes.  Adds an API for modules to
        define titles and breadcrumbs for their pages, and updates the theme
        system to display them.
  12. 21 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · 5963759e
      Dries authored
      - Fixed menu problem so users can log in.  Patch by Jonathan.
  13. 20 Nov, 2003 3 commits
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      · e128d493
      Dries authored
      - Improved theme configuration page.  Modified version of Adrian.
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      · 4bdac433
      Dries authored
      - Patch by JonBob:
        Phase 2 of the menu system integration project. This unifies the interface
        used by admin and non-admin pages, and deprecates the _page hook in favor of
        explicit callbacks from menu(). Breadcrumbs, titles, and help text go away
        as a result of this patch; they will return in the phase 3 patch, printed
        by the theme.
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      · 9000f825
      Dries authored
      - Flush cache after changing user permissions.  Patch by Gerhard.
  14. 19 Nov, 2003 2 commits
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      · d03d933b
      Dries authored
      - Performance improvement: changed a LEFT JOIN to an INNER JOIN.  Patch #157
        by Gerhard.
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      - Block and theme improvements. Patch by Ax. · 98063726
      Dries authored
         + block_list() (in block.module): returns an array of block objects for
         + theme_blocks() (in theme.inc): uses block_list() and theme("block") to
           actually render them.
         + Decouples blocks content and layout, allows block_list() to be used
           for non-output purposes (think "pull").
         + Unifies naming in theme.inc: render_blocks()) didn't really fit there.
         + Puts block_list() in blocks.module where it logically belongs.
      - Removed some cruft from the Xtemplate theme.  Patch by Ax.