1. 25 Jun, 2000 2 commits
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      · 9966696d
      Dries authored
      * Small bugfixes and minor updates.
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      · 18ee4154
      Dries authored
      * Bugfixes:
         - the stories in the submission queue should not be accesible.
         - the author-field is redundant due to the public moderation.
  2. 24 Jun, 2000 2 commits
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      · 5cbbaca0
      Dries authored
      * Fixed yet another quote problem...
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      · d784c5c8
      Dries authored
      * Fixed a bug in submission.inc and a minor glitch in my theme.
  3. 23 Jun, 2000 3 commits
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      · b0694f61
      Dries authored
      * Adjusted calendar to scale well in IE at 800x600!
      * <chit-chat>
         UnConeD: - what about integrating it in your theme now?
                  - how was your last exam, btw?
         Natrak : - did you arrived well?
         Jeroen : - how was your *cough*blind date*cough*?
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      · 37b593e5
      Dries authored
      * Small bugfix from Ekeren - Dries
        (hopefully it works)
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      for the third time... · 90e8ad27
      Jeroen authored
  4. 22 Jun, 2000 13 commits
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      · ef068faa
      Dries authored
      * Small, quick and dry bugfix.
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      · 829b55c5
      Dries authored
      * Small bugfix for `Display mode'.
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      · de707b67
      Dries authored
      * Various small bugfixes and enhancements: I think I fixed all bugs I
        knew about.
      * The code generated by my theme `Dries' is now 90% of the time
        aligned correctly. :o)
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      · 3e4e873f
      Dries authored
      * A fix related to the comment system - one of the settings is now
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      *** empty log message *** · f0f1f963
      Jeroen authored
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      This is a logo being randomly generated, if it appears there is a cork stuck · 0d1fbc40
      Jeroen authored
      in the pipe and no drop will leak out of it.
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      · a2466c54
      Dries authored
      * Commited a *temporary* version of the new comment system: I have been
        working on it for about 4 a 5 hours today and I considered it would be
        smart (backup- or crash-wise) to commit what I have made so far.  I'm
        aware of a few bugs and I'll keep workin on it:
          - removing bugs
          - clean up the code to make it very streamlined
          - improve error checking
        Once we got a stable comment system, I'll add moderation.  But right
        now I want to sort out the major problems.
      * I made my theme the default theme until the other themes are updated.
      * Expanded the database abstraction layer with more goodies.
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      · 315d060a
      Dries authored
      * Updated SQL table listing (for those who care).
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      · 71cd47af
      Dries authored
      * Removed 2 redundant files from the CVS repository. :-)
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      · bda966fd
      Dries authored
      * patch: search.php now uses the new SQL tables.
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      · 9a0689a9
      Dries authored
      * Added extra PHP variables to .htaccess as discussed earlier this week.
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      · b32b897a
      Dries authored
      * Integrated the database abstraction layer into the account pages.  One
        reason for doing so is because the database abstraction layer provides
        build-in error checking and a debug mode for easy development.
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      · 8720cbf6
      Dries authored
      * Fixed a small bugs, integrated the database abstraction layer and
        shortened the code.
  5. 21 Jun, 2000 2 commits
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      · 0f5a60e1
      Dries authored
      Wulp.  I did a major upgrade by (a) breaking a lot of stuff and (b) by
      re-doing those things in a much better way.  I redesigned the stories
      and submissions SQL tables, the way they work and the way they co-
      operate together.
      In addition, I changed the way parameters are passed to
      $theme->abstract() and $theme->article().  Instead of passing a
      sh!tload of parameters that only cluttered the code and required too
      much pre-processing on the engine-side, we now pass a singly object
      $story.  $story has more variables then the paramaters we used to pass,
      so it allows for better theming (if you feel like it).
      I'm not finished yet but I decided to upload my changes so you can
      start patching and updating your themes: PLEASE update your themes
      ASAP!  I don't plan making heavy changes like this again, so don't
      get intimiated. ;)  You mainly have to update article() and abstract()
      as well as a minor update of footer():
      article(), abstract():
       - use the $story object - see my theme!
       - the morelink can now be themed.  Currently you can use the function
         morelink_bytes() in function.inc to `render' the old morelink.  The
         idea is to make a morelink_words() or morelink_lines() sooner or
         later because "188 bytes in body" is not half as clear as "52 words
         in body".  Clearly, "52 words" is much more informative. ;-)
       - in the article-part, you need to update the displayRelatedLinks():
         instead of passing it $sid, you need to pass it $story (after you
         globaled $story).
      Everything should display correct on the following pages:
       - main page
       - article page (follow a `read more | xxx bytes in bdoy | x comments' link)
       - submission queue
      Check if they work with your theme: they should as they work fine for
      me (theme `Dries') ...  If you got stuck, just look at my theme or ask
      for a hand on the list!
      Hopefully you can update your themes asap.  Thanks in advance.
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      · 8a7690af
      Dries authored
      Wheep! Wheep! Major performance optimization for index.php: we reduced the
      number of SQL on the mainpage with factor 10 and shortened the code with 4
      lines.  There is only *one* optimized SQL query left, being:
      $result = db_query("SELECT stories.*, COUNT(comments.sid) AS comments FROM
      stories LEFT JOIN comments ON stories.sid = comments.sid WHERE
      stories.status = 1 AND stories.time <= $date GROUP BY stories.sid ORDER BY
      stories.sid DESC LIMIT $number");
       Note: we use a LEFT JOIN to retrieve the number of comments associated
             with each story.  By retrieving this data now, we elimate a *lot*
             of individual queries that would otherwise be required inside the
             while-loop.  If there is no matching record for the right table in
             the ON-part of the LEFT JOIN, a row with all columns set to NULL
             is used for the right table.  This is required, as not every story
             has a counterpart in the comments table (at a given time).
  6. 20 Jun, 2000 2 commits
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      · d64e3f6d
      Dries authored
      * Small bugfix. ;-)
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      · 988707a6
      Dries authored
      Here we go again with a rather large commit:
      fixed a lot of annoying bugs and boxed whatever there was left to be boxed.
       * user.class.php: renamed $user->update() to $user->rehash().
       * user.class.php: fixed a typical quote-bug in $user->rehash().
       * functions.inc: fixed bug in displayOldHeadlines().
       * functions.inc: improved several functions.
       * account.php: fixed major bug in showUser().
       * account.php: added some extra words to the human-readable
       * account.php: boxed ALL functions! Fieuw!
       * submit.php: add some general information and guidlines on how to
                     post submissions.
       * config.inc: re-thought the categories to be more generic.
       * submission.php: minor changes
       * search.pph: fixed minor bug with the author's names.
      Woops.  I have an exam within 4 hours: back to my books. ;-)
       * Anyone could check sumbit.php, sumbission.php and faq.php for
       * Anyone could adjust calendar.class.php to fit IE?  *huh*huh*
       * Don't be scared to hack along (see below)!  I'll be working on
         the submissions and comments.
      Status of drop v0.10:
      (make the system erational' and release it.)
        - submissions:
            submission queue         (75% complete)
            submission moderation    (75% complete)
        - comments:
            comment moderation       ( 0% complete)
            comment administration   ( 0% complete)
            fixup timestamp mess     ( 0% complete)
        - user system:
            mail password            ( 0% complete)
            user administation       (50% complete)
            patch admin.php          ( 0% complete)
            account confirmation     ( 0% complete)
            e-mail confimation upon modification of e-mail address
                                     ( 0% complete)
        - proper handling of forms: text2html, html2text
            html2txt, txt2html       (10% complete)
            bad-word filter          (80% complete)
            automatic link detection ( 0% complete)
            allowed HTML-tag checker ( 0% complete)
        - FAQ:
            cleanup, disclaimer      (50% complete)
        - theme:
            box everything          (100% complete)
  7. 18 Jun, 2000 1 commit
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      · 6fec4168
      Dries authored
      * small changes to make it look better (?).
  8. 17 Jun, 2000 1 commit
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      · 2c6b710c
      Dries authored
      * Boxed the FAQ (--> looks better now) and made various changes to the FAQ
        content.  The only thing left to `box' are the `account setting'-pages.
  9. 16 Jun, 2000 3 commits
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      · 6e3e0c6f
      Dries authored
      * Moved ban.php to admin-new.php: this will feature the new admin pages
        (under development).  I'll slowly keep adding stuff to admin-new.php
        and one day we'll be able to replace admin.php with admin-new.php: I
        am just making preparations and `pre-processing' some stuff so we'll
        have something to work from. Remind that the rewrite of admin.php is
        sheduled for v0.20.
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      · 17a008ca
      Dries authored
      * Boxed submit.php - whew, it's a pain to edit all those print statements.
      * Fixed quite a lot of HTML-bugs in the HTML code generator and cleaned up
        the generated coded quite a lot.
      => much better now :)
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      · 76f30557
      Dries authored
      * Changed a few things to make development easier without breaking things
        to the outside world.  It's a first step towards improving the submission
      * More important (to the theme babies): instead of passing individual
        parameters I'm considering to pass an object.
          $theme->abstract($story->aid, $story->informant, $story->time,
           stripslashes($story->subject), stripslashes($story->abstract),
           stripslashes($story->comments), $story->category, $story->department,
        would become:
        What do you guys think about pushing this trough?  It would be much better
        and would give extra `power' to the themes.
  10. 15 Jun, 2000 1 commit
  11. 13 Jun, 2000 2 commits
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      Changed my theme so you could vote submissions. · 518229c4
      Jeroen authored
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      · 1887ba80
      Dries authored
      Hoeray!  I have a first core version of submission moderation up and
      running.  This means people can submit stories, and moderators can
      moderate stories.  When a submission reaches a certain positive
      threshold (currently set to 2) the submission becomes a story and up
      it goes.   If a submission reaches a certain negative threshold
      (currently set to -2) the submission is dumped.
      The fact this is all done by our visitors (without our intervention)
      makes it truly spiffy imho.  The website can live a life on it's own,
      fed by the visitors.
      Beware, a lot of work need to be done though ... it's just a first
      basic implementation with the core functionality.  There are quite
      a lot of things that I'll need to change, extend and improve.  But
      comments, suggestions and ideas are - as always - welcomed.
      Please read this log message carefully!  It features quite a lot of
      important information.
      To test the moderation, log in, select theme 'Dries' (the other themes
      need a small update) and head by clicking the one and only 'submission
      moderation' link.  Don't be afraid to submit lame/funny/useless
      stories for testing purpose ... as soon we go public, we'll wipe out
      the story database.  ;-)
      WHAT'S NEW?
      * Added 2 new operations to user.class.php to set and retrieve the
        user's "history".  Very evil but required to avoid people voting
      * Moved dbsave() from account.php to functions.php.  In addition, I
        added a new function to user.class.php called `save()' that ...
        well, saves the object back to the database.  It's (IMHO) a better
        approach compared to dbsave(): it keeps things organized. ;-)
      * Fixed a (heavy) memory leak in the constructor of user.class.php:
        mysql_fetch_array() returns an _associative_ array which made the
        constructor `pollute' the object with a lot of useless variables.
      * Fixed the slash-problem on the account pages. :-)
      * Fixed UnConeD's theme glitch, alas the warning.
      * Fixed the e-mail address not showing in the confirmation email
        (upon registration).
      * Fixed the typical quote and backslash problems in submit.php.
      * submit.php now uses the database abstraction layer.
      * You can check the new submission system at:
        or by following the `submission moderation' link from my theme.
      * UnConeD, Jeroen: you'll need to update your themes to take
        advantage of the new function: displayAccount().  This function
        will display the `submission moderation' link when a user is
        logged on.
      * Natrak: you might want to apply the patches in user.class.php
        on the other sites using the same user-system.
  12. 12 Jun, 2000 1 commit
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      · 00ff842a
      Dries authored
      Minor updates:
      * Fixed a minor alignment glitch.
      * Aligned the code to look nicer.
      * Please make it scale well in IE.
  13. 11 Jun, 2000 4 commits
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      Bugfix: · 5c6ddd0a
      Dries authored
        * Temporary bugfix to fix a problem with UnConeD's theme.  Don't worry,
          it's because some changes I made ... which should be fixed now.
        * Btw, has someone bothered to scale the calendar.class.php to fit nicely
          in IE (Windows)?  Please do. ;-)
    • Dries's avatar
      · 130cbb71
      Dries authored
       * Streamlined the database abstraction layer a bit (it's not much yet) and
         integrated it in most of the functions of `functions.inc'.
    • Dries's avatar
      · c8b21448
      Dries authored
       * Fixed (hopefully) the bugs earlier reported by Jeroen.  :o)
       * Revamped the code to be more efficient as well as easier to use and
    • Dries's avatar
      · f66120de
      Dries authored
       * Various small changes to account.php including a SQL table movement:
         'testusers' -> 'users'.  As a result, user.class.php and article.php
         needed patching as well.  Hopefully I didn't break anyting.  ;o)
  14. 10 Jun, 2000 3 commits
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      · 44a566c8
      Dries authored
      * admin.inc will include all admin related help-functions including the
        already present header() and footer() functions.
    • Dries's avatar
      · 4ce030b8
      Dries authored
      * databases.inc is a new file that will serve as a database abstraction
        layer.  My new files already take advantage of the abstraction layer
        though no attempt is made to port the existing files: this is sheduled
        for a future v0.40 release (see http://beta.drop.org/docs/roadmap.php).
        Anyway, with the abstraction layer it should be theoretically possible
        to run drop on top of every database, even on top of a home-brewed
        file-based system.  *wink-to-UnConeD* ;-)
    • Dries's avatar
      · 9583c72c
      Dries authored
      * Implemented ban-capabilities, a first step towards an admin-friendly user
         - you can add and remove wild-carded e-mails from the banlist.
         - you can add and remove wild-carded hostnames from the banlist.
         - you can add and remove wild-carded usernames from the banlist.
         - you can add and remove wild-carded profanity from the banlist.
         - you can browse all bans according to their category: see ban.php.