1. 06 Apr, 2001 1 commit
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      · 8213f5b2
      Dries authored
      A lot of small changes (search-n-replace) make a big commit:
        - fixed update bug in book.module
        - provide a log message when both adding and updating book pages
        - all configurable variables are now accessed through "variable_get()":
        - rewrote watchdog and submission throttle and removed watchdog.inc
        - improved robustness of sections.inc
        - imporved story.module
        - updated ./database/database.sql
  2. 05 Apr, 2001 1 commit
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      · 048664f2
      Dries authored
      - a bunch of various updates
  3. 04 Apr, 2001 2 commits
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      · 7fac91c2
      Dries authored
      - various smaller improvements
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      · 8d249c5f
      Dries authored
      Last night's updates:
       - improved "track drop.org": it has now 2 boxes, one for "track
         comments" and one for "track nodes"
       - various small improvements to the book module based on the
         feedback we got.
       - fixed typo in moderation module
       - ...
  4. 03 Apr, 2001 1 commit
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      · 97dd9e1c
      Dries authored
      - fixed bug in diary module
  5. 02 Apr, 2001 3 commits
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      · 15a6bef4
      Dries authored
       <center></center>  ==>  <div align="center"></div>
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      · 36ea1cf9
      Dries authored
      - list nodes chronological
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      · 805107cd
      Dries authored
      Commiting my work of last Sunday:
       - removed ban.inc and ban.module and integrated it in account.module
         under the name "access control" --> the ban code was not really up
         to standard so this has now been dealt with.  This refactoring and
         reintegration cuts down the code size with 100 lines too.  :-)
         (The ban.module code was really old and it showed.)
       - added node.module and made the other modules reuse some of this
         code --> cut down the code size of modules by at least 100 lines
         and adds stability.
       - added a status() function to admin.php to display a conform status
         message where appropriate.  See admin.php for usage.
       - removed $theme->control() and made comments.inc handle this itself
         wrapped in a $theme->box().  No need to clutter the themes with
         such complexity --> updated all themes already. :-)
       - some small visual changes to some administration pages to be more
         consistent across different modules.
  6. 01 Apr, 2001 3 commits
  7. 31 Mar, 2001 16 commits
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      · ef62a6bb
      Dries authored
      - worked even more on the robustness of include/node.inc
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      · 63d334ad
      Dries authored
      - tidied up the watchdog messages
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      · 32ff43a4
      Dries authored
      - simplified book.module so that it is easier to maintain (yet a bit
        less sexy) - the entire module is only 258 lines.
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      · 871d0619
      Dries authored
      - fixed another bug
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      · 6ca6e831
      Dries authored
      - fixed bug in section.module: id -> nid
      - fixed bug in book.module: not 100% yet
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      Fixed article/body bug · 74fe7990
      Steven Wittens authored
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      · 34afc4bd
      Dries authored
      - removed debug information
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      Fixed bug with $story->body · 025dcfb4
      Steven Wittens authored
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      Fixed bug: · e6886e28
      Steven Wittens authored
      "na" appeared when a story didn't have "read more"
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      · d1a07a2e
      Dries authored
      - fixed "you-have-to-logout-and-login-before-permissions-change" bug
        (reported by UnConeD)
      - added "add node" link to book selection box and made it display the
        current location
      - removed tabs and whitespaces from themes - done automatically
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      · d9e72f37
      Dries authored
      - fixed update bug
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      · 65461602
      Dries authored
      - removed dead links
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      · 03e51647
      Dries authored
      - fixed typo in hostname.conf
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      · 2ac7aa42
      Dries authored
      - visual improvements to example.theme, simplified HMTL code (- 20
      - made node.inc more robust: it should roll-back when something goes
        fubar and it should work in subdirectories
  8. 30 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · a9bb68d9
      Dries authored
      - removed debug statement
  9. 29 Mar, 2001 2 commits
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      · 8588850d
      Dries authored
      - forgot to remove a debug statement
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      · 04ad9b8a
      Dries authored
      - fixed issue depricated call-by-reference issues
      - fixed small visual glitch in includes/function.inc
      - changed SQL tables around a bit to be more consistent
        (result: small changes to a lot of different files)
      - improved robustness of includes/node.inc
      - improved output of cron.module
      - improved output of node.php
  10. 28 Mar, 2001 6 commits
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      · 57eb908a
      Dries authored
      - made the node code a bit more rock-solid - needs more work and
      - you can't add a node with the same title twice within 5 minutes
        (to avoid reposting by accidentically reloading your page after
        having posted)
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      · c765cb20
      Dries authored
      - fixed small problem in example.theme
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      · d788879d
      Dries authored
      - update the linking mechanism: to link to a "node" (ex story) with title
        "fubar", use [[fubar]] or [[fubar|link text]].
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      · a0d83fc0
      Dries authored
      - streamlined the book and story module
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      - on popular demand: · a53d198c
      Dries authored
        added the # votes to the "track your comments" page
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      · 3f2b0e0b
      Dries authored
      Flushing my backlog (in case Natrak wants to make more changes):
       - tidied up some of the code
       - fixed a small problems
  11. 27 Mar, 2001 3 commits
  12. 26 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · cb5bbdee
      Dries authored
      - small improvements as well as 2 bugfixes