1. 20 Mar, 2004 3 commits
  2. 15 Mar, 2004 2 commits
  3. 14 Mar, 2004 1 commit
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      · 10917b12
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch #6470 by Brian: fixed XHTML error with multiple selection boxes.
  4. 13 Mar, 2004 1 commit
  5. 12 Mar, 2004 6 commits
  6. 11 Mar, 2004 2 commits
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      · 2101f6c4
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Rewrote the profile module:
         + Added a 'created' field to the users table and renamed the 'timestamp'
           fied to 'changed' (cfr. node table).  Update.php will try to determine
           a 'created' timestamp for existing users.
         + The profile module no longer uses serialized data but has its own set
           of tables.  Known existing profile data is migrated by these new tables.
             TODO: migrate the birthday field.
         + The profile fields can be grouped, and within each group, profile fields
           can be sorted using weights.
         + The profile pages can be themed.
         + The profiles can be browsed based on certain properties/settings.
         + Change the _user hook: (i) 'private_view' and 'public_view' are merged
           into 'view' as there are no private fields and (ii) 'edit_form' has
           been renamed to 'edit'.
         + Avatar handling has been refactored and is now part of the user module.
           The users table has a dedicted 'picture' field.
         + Simplified the way themes should use display/visualize pictures or
         + Made it possible for administrators to replace or delete avatars.
         + ...
        I hope this make for a good base to build on collectively.
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  7. 10 Mar, 2004 2 commits
  8. 09 Mar, 2004 1 commit
  9. 08 Mar, 2004 1 commit
  10. 06 Mar, 2004 4 commits
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      · ccc9276f
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch #4902 by Goba: fix URLs in RSS feeds.
         + Make all channel links absolute.
         + Always set the $base_url as xml:base, thus providing a solid base for
           relative URLs.
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      · 8ebedbaa
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch #6260 by TDobes: fixed incorrect alt-attribute for avatar images in
        the Xtemplate theme.
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      · 744405e3
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch 6140 by Goba: fix the 'read more'-link behavior.
  11. 05 Mar, 2004 2 commits
  12. 01 Mar, 2004 3 commits
  13. 29 Feb, 2004 1 commit
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      · c73305f6
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch #6129 by Goba: fixed dependencies on search module.
  14. 28 Feb, 2004 1 commit
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      · 7d0eb537
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch #6110 by Goba: stop cheating in the Drupal site list.
  15. 27 Feb, 2004 1 commit
  16. 26 Feb, 2004 1 commit
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      · df2c0337
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch 6066 by Adrian: PostgreSQL does not return 'affected rows' when doing
        a select statement.  Even though PEAR supports this functionality, it fails
        silently when using PostgreSQL.  We use the db_num_rows() function instead
        to return the amount of rows returned.  (According to Killes, the MySQL
        manual also states that it should not return affected rows on a 'select'
  17. 25 Feb, 2004 3 commits
  18. 24 Feb, 2004 2 commits
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      Poll.module cleanup: · 939a816e
      Steven Wittens authored
      * Code cleaning: simpler structures, removed some old leftovers, ...
      * Clean URLs everywhere (the old mechanism was broken anyway). Had to get rid of 'inline voting' (i.e. voting with the sideblock and ending up on the same page), but that was a bit confusing anyway.
      * Simplified submission form with form_group and streamlined choice mechanism.
      * Improved bar rendering in pollresults for themes with avatars, like xtemplate.
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      Improved <label> patch: got rid of ID's by implicit association, and made... · eadfa192
      Steven Wittens authored
      Improved <label> patch: got rid of ID's by implicit association, and made radio/check labels non-bold again.
  19. 23 Feb, 2004 3 commits
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      · bb82569c
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch 6012 by Adrian: syncs the PostgreSQL port with the current state of HEAD,
        and adds a user notice to add the throttle and bootstrap columns to the
        system table manually, else update.php will not run.  The message includes the
        SQL statements required for both MySQL and PostgreSQL.
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      · d03a8acf
      Dries Buytaert authored
      - Patch 6011 by MegaGrunt: the transparent GIF used for the rollover effect
        in the header icon is missing. The path for this image is in the XHTML
        file, when the images were moved out of the "image" directory, the XHTML
        file was not updated.
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