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      - Patch #1898 by Djun: more book module improvements including but not limited · c5031621
      Dries authored
        to OPML export functionality, better code comments, better help texts, etc.
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      · 1474632a
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      - Patch #24135 by Moshe: made it possible to ban visitors based on hostname/IP.  Banning visitors can either be done from the 'access control' pages, or directly from the statistics pages.  This feature is very convenient to block badly behaving crawlers.
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      · 2b7f504d
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      - Added the ability to track page generation times in the statistics module.
        (Made some improvements as per the suggestions in the issue.)
      - Added extended timer implementation.
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      - Patch #19298 by Jeremy: loose caching! · e3d62d90
      Dries authored
      Drupal's existing caching mechanism doesn't perform well on highly dynamic websites in which the cache is flushed frequently. One example is a site that is under attack by a spambot that is posting spam comments every few seconds, causing all cached pages to be flushed every few seconds.  Loose caching immediately flushes the cache only for specific users who have modified cached data (whether or not they are logged in), delaying the flushing of data for other users by several minutes.
      (I rewrote the help text a bit and made minor changes to the code comments.)
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      - Patch #16358 by James: added toolkit to enable better image handling. The... · 7ccc5a6b
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      - Patch #16358 by James: added toolkit to enable better image handling.  The avatar code and the upload module have been updated to take advantage of the new image API.
      There are 5 main functions that modules may now utilize to handle images:
      * image_get_info() - this function checks a file.  If it exists and is a valid image file, it will return an array containing things like the pixel dimensions of the image, plus the 'type' and common extension.
      * image_scale - resizes a given image to fit within a given width / height dimensions, while maintaining aspect ratio (not distorting the image).  This function can be used to generate thumbnails, or ensure a maximum resolution, etc.
      * image_resize - similar to image_scale (but will not respect aspect ratio - may well distort the image).
      * image_rotate - rotate an image by X degrees
      * image_crop - crops an image to a given rectangle (defined as top-left x/y coordinates plus a width & height of the rectangle).
      Contribution modules will now be able to rely on these base manipulation functions to offer additional functionality (such as image nodes, photo galleries, advanced image manipulation, etc).
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      · 7931c778
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      - Patch #16513 by James (slightly modified): export categories and enclosures to RSS feeds (and made RSS feeds extensible).
        NOTE: this needs to be documented.
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      · 7bdca92a
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      - Patch #6847 by Gerhard: replaced vocabulary->nodes by a separate table and tidied up the taxonomy API a bit.  This fixes a number of issues.
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  28. 30 Dec, 2004 1 commit
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      · 828be2ad
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      - Patch #13020 by chx: let Drupal handle multiple database layers.
      - Removed the PEAR database backend.  It's no longer being used/maintained.
  29. 27 Dec, 2004 1 commit
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      · f763bb73
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      - Made the ping module ping pingomatic.com, which in turn, will ping all the major ping services.
        Less code to ping more services.
  30. 15 Dec, 2004 1 commit
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      - Patch #13907 by Neil: less ways to set the page title. · 2b17b3a9
      Dries authored
         * Less logic in theme code.
         * Encourages use of the menu system.
         * Easier to find where a title or breadcrumb comes from in other people's code because there are less places to look. Look in menu and then grep for the appropriate set function. Looking for calls to theme_page() is hard because there are too many of them.
         * Very slightly more efficient.
  31. 07 Dec, 2004 1 commit
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      · 33baf53c
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      - Added a simple contact module to core.
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  33. 28 Nov, 2004 1 commit
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      - Refactored the statistics and watchdog module (views). The most important · 70fcf51e
      Dries authored
        changes are:
        1. Simplified the statistics pages: there are less pages and on the
           remaining pages there is a lot less visual clutter (less columns and
           better presentation).
        2. Reorganized the 'administer - logs' menu: flattened the menu structure
           and removed a number of links.
        3. Improved performance.  Most statistics pages used about 160 slow SQL
           queries which made the statistics pages fairly unusable on my system.
           The new pages use at least 10 times less SQL queries and render much
           faster.  They are actually usable.
        4. There is now a 'track'-tab on node pages, and a second subtrab on the
           user accounts 'track'-tab for people with the 'access statistics'
           permission.  They can be used to resp. track the node and the user.
           This makes the statistics more accessible.
        5. Changed the way watchdog messages are filtered.  This makes it easier
           to introduce new watchdog types.
        6. Reworked the statistics module's permissions.
        7. Less code: 223 insertions(+), 343 deletions(-).
        8. Fixed several glitches: for example, the statistics pages sorted the
           'Name' column by user ID instead of by name.  Unfortunately, it is
           too difficult to backport these to DRUPAL-4-5.
        1. Review the statistics modules help pages.
        2. Help fine-tune the interfaces/views.
        1. You'll want to run update.php.
  34. 24 Nov, 2004 1 commit
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