1. 09 Mar, 2003 2 commits
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      - Ahem , trailing spaces. · 5a646024
      Kjartan authored
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      - Moved moderation logic back into node module. · 1421c878
      Kjartan authored
          * After having a chat with Dries we have agreed on the logics (or
            more specifically he told me how its supposed to work). The queue
            module is just a method to make moderation public, but its not
            necessarily the only way. This brings the power back.
      - Minor interface tweaks (names, case changes, etc).
      - Fixed error that would show when you tried to view the profile of a
        blocked user.
  2. 08 Mar, 2003 1 commit
  3. 07 Mar, 2003 2 commits
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      - Renamed "form.admin" to "form admin". · 831ee213
      Kjartan authored
      - Added node_admin_settings() to let users set node defaults.
          * Added _nodeapi("conf")
      - Modified form_checkbox() to unset options. (Modified the patch from Ax.)
      - Removed the _save() hook.
      - Fixed a logical flaw in field_get() and field_set() which would break
      - Moved some admin menus around and cleaned up some typos.
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      · d659fedb
      Dries authored
      - Removed the path_uri() function in favor of the $base_url variable and
        fixes a handful of bugs introduced by the clean URL patch.
  4. 02 Mar, 2003 1 commit
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      · 6ccb8438
      Dries authored
      - Fixed the "adminster" link at the bottom of every node's display.  Patch
        by Al.
  5. 25 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      · 91dfef65
      Dries authored
      - Fixed some typos spotted by Al Maw.
  6. 23 Feb, 2003 2 commits
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      · b1f47584
      Dries authored
      - Fixed typo.  Patch by Garym.  (Something went wrong with my earlier commit.)
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      *** empty log message *** · 20e8bc12
      Dries authored
  7. 20 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      · 277ceae5
      Dries authored
      - New menu houskeeping.  Prototyped by Zbynek.
        The following modules need updating:
          * glossary module
          * feed module (Breyten's version)
          * mailhandler module
          * notify module
          * project module
          * smileys module
          * admin module
          * style module
          * taxonomy_dhtml module
        To avoid unexpected problems menu_add() is deprecated (it will print an
        error message when used) and menu() should be used instead.
  8. 16 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      - Added function node_invoke_all($hook, &$node, $op, $arg = 0). · dd329e1d
      Kjartan authored
      - Added a _nodeapi hook that in time will replace the _node hook. Trying
        to make as few changes to existing code as possible until the new api
        is stabilized.
      - Modified node_form() to add administration options from other modules
        using the _nodeapi hook.
      - Modified node_save() to fetch which fields should be saved to the node
        table from the _nodeapi hook.
      - Moved comment and queue options from node_form() and node_save() to
        the modules _nodeapi hooks.
  9. 15 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      · 83f5d828
      Dries authored
      - Everything is using theme("function") now instead of $theme->function().
  10. 11 Feb, 2003 1 commit
  11. 09 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      · 9281d0cd
      Dries authored
      - Applied Alastair's date patch.
      - Removed all instances of '$user->nodes'.
      - Committed Moshe's taxonomy patch - minus the node_compact_list() bit.  It needs a bit more thought/work.  This patch changes the links of taxonomy pages/feeds so update your custom code and themes accordingly!
      Themes should now use "taxonomy_link("taxonomy terms", $node)" to get an array of taxonomy term links.  The old construct is deprecated and should be changed.
      // old theme blob:
      if (function_exists("taxonomy_node_get_terms")) {
        foreach (taxonomy_node_get_terms($node->nid) as $term) {
          $terms[] = l($term->name, NULL, array(), "or=$term->tid");
      // new theme blob:
      if (module_exist("taxonomy")) {
        $terms = taxonomy_link("taxonomy terms", $node);
      // old URL:
      // new URL:
  12. 02 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      · 10cb57a0
      Dries authored
      - Removed redundant code.
  13. 29 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      · 2e6e1efb
      Dries authored
      - Renamed "Allow HTML tags" to "Filter HTML tags" for clarity.  Reported by
  14. 23 Jan, 2003 2 commits
  15. 14 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      · d2687836
      Dries authored
      - Small improvement to the admin menu based on feedback from Michael.
  16. 12 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      · 0fba793a
      Dries authored
      - Fixed a typo that caused quite a few redundant SQL queries.
  17. 09 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      · 6334ee20
      Dries authored
      - Code improvement: forgot to update an URL to the clean URL scheme.
  18. 06 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      · 89b2069e
      Dries authored
      - Clean URL patch.
  19. 04 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      · 8a636465
      Dries authored
      - Added an extra parameter to watchdog() which lets you specifiy an "action"
        or "operation" link.
      - Made the main page of the administration section show an overview of all
        watchdog entries with such action link.
      - Fixed typo in PostgreSQL database scheme.
  20. 31 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      · de95001c
      Dries authored
      - Tidied up the use of check_output().  Might make rendering pages a bit
        snappier (performance improvement).
  21. 30 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      · 5598417c
      Dries authored
      - Some small improvements/fixes to the node system.  Suggested by Marco.
  22. 29 Dec, 2002 2 commits
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      · 24af61ed
      Dries authored
      - Put back the node table paging.
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      · 14158fbc
      Dries authored
      - Added table rendering functions.  As an example, I changed the node module
        to take advantage of it.
  23. 27 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      · 22541606
      Dries authored
      - Added a "submit new content" link to the admin page.  Suggested by Amy.
        (Temporary solution only - probably needs better integration?)
  24. 24 Dec, 2002 2 commits
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      · 22fa9ed7
      Dries authored
      - Refactored the administration pages.
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      · ca07ff36
      Dries authored
      - Fixed typo: "Allow users comments" -> "Allow user comments"
      - By default, "Allow user comments" is set to "read-write".
  25. 21 Dec, 2002 2 commits
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      - fixing doctype in rss feeds. · ca743aa6
      Kjartan authored
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      · c10ce14d
      Dries authored
      - Switched the "short version" and the "long version" on the preview page.
      - Removed a broken filter which caused some line breaks to be stripped.
      - It is now possible to create short teasers and the '---' delimiter can
        be outside the allowed range but not more than a factor two.
      - Fine-tuned teaser extraction in absence of the '---' delimiter.
  26. 15 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      · 70c21f7e
      Dries authored
      - Added DOCTYPE.
  27. 14 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      · 99d84c93
      Dries authored
      - Committed Marco's pager improvements.
      - Fixed another annoyance with editing content.
  28. 12 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      · 9c11b14d
      Dries authored
      - Bugfixes by Marco.
      - Attempt to fix linebreak handling.
  29. 10 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      · 7ce686c1
      Dries authored
      o Permission improvements:
         + Removed the "post content" permission and replaced it by more fine-grained permissions such as "maintain static pages", "maintain personal blog", "maintain stories", etc.
      o Usability improvements to teasers:
         + Teaser forms are no more.  Teasers are extracted automatically but can also be instructed using a delimiter "---".  Furthermore, when a post it too short for a teaser, the user won't be bother with teaser stuff anymore.
         + Added an option to set the teaser length, or to disable teasers all together.
         + When previewing a post, both the short (if any) and the full version of a post are shown.  This addresses a common complaint; for example, when writing a book page there was no way you could preview the short version of your post.
         + Forum posts can be teasered now.  This is particularly helpful in the context of drupal.org where we promote forum topics.
      o Bugfix: replaced all PHP short tags (<?) with long tags (<?php).
      o Bugfix: removed hard-coded dependence on comment module.
      o Bugfix: when the queue module was disabled, it was not possible to approve updated book pages.
      o Bugfix: applied modified version of Marco's node_teaser() fix.
  30. 02 Dec, 2002 2 commits
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      · dcbb71f4
      Dries authored
      - Fixed node revisions.
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      · ab143d68
      Dries authored
      - Fixed "Allow user comments: disabled" no longer works and so on.  Patch by
  31. 26 Nov, 2002 1 commit
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      · 8fa5440b
      Dries authored
      - Applied Jeremy's statistics module patches:
         + Fixed "recent users" title/timestamps.
         + Added statistics_node_delete() function.
      - Applied Jeremy's node module patches:
         + Added call to statistics_node_delete().
         + Fixed call to taxonomy_node_delete().
  32. 17 Nov, 2002 1 commit
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      · 9e32c2e9
      Dries authored
      Patch based on work of Kjartan:
      - Changed cache API.
      - Fixed caching bug in comment.module.  Odd this hasn't been reported yet.
      - Fixed caching bug in forum.module.
      - Fixed caching bug in system.module.
      - Fixed caching bug in block.module.
      - Simplified caching support in forum.module thanks to improved cache API.