1. 23 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · 26735ac5
      Dries authored
      - Committed phase 3 of JonBob's menu changes.  Adds an API for modules to
        define titles and breadcrumbs for their pages, and updates the theme
        system to display them.
  2. 21 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · 5963759e
      Dries authored
      - Fixed menu problem so users can log in.  Patch by Jonathan.
  3. 20 Nov, 2003 3 commits
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      · e128d493
      Dries authored
      - Improved theme configuration page.  Modified version of Adrian.
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      · 4bdac433
      Dries authored
      - Patch by JonBob:
        Phase 2 of the menu system integration project. This unifies the interface
        used by admin and non-admin pages, and deprecates the _page hook in favor of
        explicit callbacks from menu(). Breadcrumbs, titles, and help text go away
        as a result of this patch; they will return in the phase 3 patch, printed
        by the theme.
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      · 9000f825
      Dries authored
      - Flush cache after changing user permissions.  Patch by Gerhard.
  4. 19 Nov, 2003 2 commits
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      · d03d933b
      Dries authored
      - Performance improvement: changed a LEFT JOIN to an INNER JOIN.  Patch #157
        by Gerhard.
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      - Block and theme improvements. Patch by Ax. · 98063726
      Dries authored
         + block_list() (in block.module): returns an array of block objects for
         + theme_blocks() (in theme.inc): uses block_list() and theme("block") to
           actually render them.
         + Decouples blocks content and layout, allows block_list() to be used
           for non-output purposes (think "pull").
         + Unifies naming in theme.inc: render_blocks()) didn't really fit there.
         + Puts block_list() in blocks.module where it logically belongs.
      - Removed some cruft from the Xtemplate theme.  Patch by Ax.
  5. 18 Nov, 2003 3 commits
    • Kjartan's avatar
      - Fixes bug #4100: First visit to site results in 'access denied' page. · 2ffa04f5
      Kjartan authored
      - Fixed sess_write().
      - Removed dead code in index.php.
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      · fe9a6afa
      Dries authored
      - Admin module clean-up.  Patch by Kjartan.  (The status function should be
        a theme_ function really.)
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      · a0640e66
      Dries authored
      - Improved module loading when serving cached pages.  Moshe's bootstrap patch.
      - Used legend and fieldset tags for the configuration page.
  6. 17 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · fff2f548
      Dries authored
      - Improved form items: added <label> tags to improve accessibility and added
        theme_form_element() function to improve themeability.  I left form_item()
        and the calls to form_item() intact for now.
  7. 15 Nov, 2003 4 commits
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      · ec726aa7
      Dries authored
      - Move the jabber module to the contributions repository.
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      · 2f639017
      Dries authored
      - Replaced the bloggerapi module by the blogapi module writen by James.
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      · 4317747e
      Dries authored
      - Moving the cloud module to the contributions repository.
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      · 7c064384
      Dries authored
      - Made the comment module themable.  Patch by CodeMonkeyX.
  8. 14 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · 17db3d0e
      Dries authored
      - Fixed theme glitch.
  9. 13 Nov, 2003 2 commits
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      · 6c85795a
      Dries authored
      - Fixed theme problem.
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      · 36bb5755
      Dries authored
      - table(...) -> theme("table", ...)
  10. 12 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · c629c7bd
      Dries authored
      - Fixed bug #4080: comments shown against wrong node.  Reported by chrish.
  11. 11 Nov, 2003 2 commits
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      · df447293
      Dries authored
      - Made the revisions a separate page/tab.
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      · 89cad349
      Dries authored
      - Added missing break statements.  Patch by Chris.  Fixes bug 4055.
  12. 10 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · f3c26069
      Dries authored
      User module patch by Kjartan:
      - Optimized user_external_load(), only need to fetch the data once.
      - Removed unused functions:
      - Fixed user_validate_name() to not accept \.
      - Modified user_validate_name() to use alnum, which varies depending on
        the system locale.
      - Optimized user_validate_name() to not use unnecessary regular
      - Optimized user_access() by using less logic to fetch permissions and
      - Removed uncessary logic from user_deny().
      - Fixed user_fields() to properly cache $fields.
      - Optimized user_set_authmaps() to not perform unnecessary queries.
      - Removed return value from user_set_authmaps().
  13. 09 Nov, 2003 4 commits
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      · 951b553a
      Dries authored
      - Committed stage 2 of the theme system improvements!  Patch by CodeMonkeyX.
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      · 00ee7f74
      Dries authored
      - Removed the "return" link from the node submission confirmation page.
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      · f50a92b6
      Dries authored
      - Removed debug statement.  Patch by Bart.
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      - Translation fix: the date in the calendar block could not be translated. Patch by Goba. · 5bed42e8
      Dries authored
      - Translation fix: made the word 'permission' translatable in the system module' help text.  Patch by Goba.
      - Translation fix: the ping module's help text was translated twice.  Patch by Goba.
  14. 08 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · 92995414
      Dries authored
      - Committed stage 1 of the menu callbacks improvements.  Patch by Jonathan.
  15. 07 Nov, 2003 2 commits
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      · 432852fb
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix: added missing t() function.  Patch by Goba.
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      · ef0fa006
      Dries authored
      - Usability improvement: replaced many selection boxes by radio buttons.
        Patch by Stefan.
  16. 06 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · 00d638ca
      Dries authored
      - Usability improvement: replaced many selection boxes by radio buttons.
        Patch by Stefan.
      - Usability improvement: introduced a form_group() function and updated
        the node and comment module to take advantage of it.  Patch #149 by
        Eric Farris.
  17. 05 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · 6735be09
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix: PostgreSQL problem with locale module.   Fixed bug #3900.  Patch #139
        by Gerhard.
      - Forum module improvements.  Patch #138 by Ax.
  18. 03 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · eb95d6d7
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix: fixed typo in cloud module.  Patch by Marky.
      - Bugfix: fixed menu glitch in book module.  Patch by Kjartan.
  19. 01 Nov, 2003 1 commit
  20. 31 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      · ec332667
      Dries authored
      - Improvement: made it possible to disable the comment controls and reworded some of the configuration settings.
      - Improvement: removed a left-over from Drupal 4.2.0 (dead code).
      - Improvement: replaced hard-coded XHTML around the XML icons with class="xml-icon".
      - Improvement: removed the custom navigation menus shown at the top of the "user information page" and integrated them in the new navigation block.  The "my account" link in the navigation menu will unfold.  Also removed the "delete account" link/functionality (for now).
      - Improvement: fix for "magic quotes" settings.  Patch by Steven.  I also removed check_php_settings().
      - Improvement: block themability improvements.  Modified patch from Ax and Steve/CodeMonkeyX.
      - Fixed bug #2617: editing user information does not work.  Patch by Kjartan.
  21. 30 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      · 3c17d392
      Dries authored
      - Added support for "special timezones".  Patch by Steven/UnConeD.
  22. 29 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      · 8f9a19b3
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix: fixed problem with queue module.  Fixes bug #3839.
  23. 28 Oct, 2003 2 commits
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      · dedb08a5
      Dries authored
      - Small corrections to the punctuation.
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      · cf92958f
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix: fixed usernames being shown in the "Who is online" block after
        you logged out.  Patch by Jeremy.
      - Bugfix: fixed the authmap table in the MSSQL scheme.  Patch by Moshe.
      - Bugfix: properly themes some error messages in the user module.  Patch
        by Moshe.
  24. 27 Oct, 2003 2 commits
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      · 1621ecdb
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix: fixed bug #3807.
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      · 777c2129
      Dries authored
      - Bugfix: made the bloggerapi respect the default promote setting.  Patch by
        TODO: the same should be done for the fields "comment", "moderate" and so
      - Improvement: made posts/updates through the Blogger API show up on the admin
        main page.  Modified patch from Remco.