1. 25 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · 1f798630
      Dries authored
      - large commit of everything else that has been queued in my backlog:
        it's not 100% stable yet
  2. 11 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      Hey, · f6fd5e12
      Jeroen authored
      Ehm in affiliate-sites and dupal-site we use SCRIPT, but w3 complained about the fact that there was no TYPE attribute specified with SCRIPT, I added SCRIPT=\"\" with both tags... (I have no clue what type of script we are using but at least this fixes a bug :)) It worked here locally, let's hope it still does on the wired...
      Also I corrected a </TTH> into a </TH> somewhere in the code of one of the modules, my eye just caught it, nothing special ;)
  3. 10 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · accd5f0c
      Dries authored
      - applied David Norman's patch to turn all <?'s into fully qualified
  4. 10 Feb, 2001 1 commit
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      · 3ba9cb5d
      Dries authored
      - small updates
  5. 26 Jan, 2001 1 commit
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      · d386c110
      Dries authored
      - removed redundant spaces
  6. 03 Jan, 2001 2 commits
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      · 7e8e4133
      Dries authored
      - fixed 2 typoes: "oops"
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      · 4572760e
      Dries authored
      A batch of preparations for release candidate 2:
       - expanded documentation
         (written by Jeroen)
       - fixed bug in includes/module.inc
       - fixed bug in modules/backend.class
       - renamed some of the SQL tables (!)
       - started making the diary.module truly modular (not finished yet)
       - renamed "admin_blocks" to "boxes"
       - added new functionality to "boxes": apart from PHP boxes, you
         can now create ASCII boxes as well as HTML boxes for those who
         are not confident with PHP.
         (requested by stalor)
       - added drupal-site module to keep track of known drupal sites
       - added small Perl script to generate encrypted CVS passwords