1. 25 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · 1f798630
      Dries authored
      - large commit of everything else that has been queued in my backlog:
        it's not 100% stable yet
  2. 10 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · accd5f0c
      Dries authored
      - applied David Norman's patch to turn all <?'s into fully qualified
  3. 04 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · d684b1f1
      Dries authored
      - various smaller updates before I start watching Formula 1 with [a] a
        0.5 liter box of Haagen-Dhaz (Belgian Choclate) and [b] my laptop on
        my lap for drupal hacking.  Life hardly can get any better than this.
  4. 01 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      · 728249cb
      Dries authored
      - fixed small translation glitch in format_interval
      - added a couple of missing t() functions
      - improved the comments module, fixed the score problem Jeroen
        reported earlier -> it's slicker but I hope it won't break anything
  5. 22 Feb, 2001 1 commit
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      · d00469cd
      Dries authored
      - improved RDF backend class to support more backend formats
  6. 17 Feb, 2001 1 commit
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      · 52a1d1bb
      Dries authored
      - More updates on the translation support
  7. 04 Feb, 2001 1 commit
  8. 26 Jan, 2001 2 commits
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      · 32c89442
      Dries authored
      - removed all tabs
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      · d386c110
      Dries authored
      - removed redundant spaces
  9. 23 Jan, 2001 1 commit
  10. 21 Jan, 2001 1 commit
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      · ea978885
      Dries authored
      I know, I know, it is getting nasty lately but I have another large commit after nothing but code.
      This time I redid the "category"-stuff.  Categories - from now on called sections - are now maintained from the admin pages, can have their own post, dump and timout thresholds as discussed earlier (some weeks ago).  By tomorrow evening users will be able to enable or disable section as well - i.e. to customize the content of drop.org.
  11. 06 Jan, 2001 1 commit
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      · 8511d9fb
      Dries authored
      A batch of patches:
        - configuration:
          + renamed $db_name to $db_user
          + renamed $db_base to $db_name
        - fixed small diary glitch
        - fixed initial-comment-score problem
        - fixed comment rating bug: improved the API and updated the
        - removed some tabs from Steven ;)
        - fixed backend warnings and improved robustness
          I'm not happy yet with the headline grabber - it generates
          too many SQL errors.
        - some small cosmetic changes in comment.module
        - fixed minor glitch in format_interval()
  12. 02 Jan, 2001 1 commit
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      · f2a25094
      Dries authored
      - fixed bug in hostname.conf
  13. 01 Jan, 2001 1 commit
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      · 51d51624
      Dries authored
      - prepared hostname.conf for public release
  14. 30 Dec, 2000 1 commit
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      · 697e5eb4
      Dries authored
      - Fixed bug in account.php.
      - Updated the documentation (again): I spent most of the day writing
        documentation which might well be considered plain boring.
  15. 16 Dec, 2000 2 commits
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      · 62588af9
      Dries authored
      - a few more updates
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      · c1a88d5d
      Dries authored
      Again, a large batch of updates - I'm twisting things around here:
       1. improved .htaccess to be more "secure": to keep prying
          eyes out
       2. rewrote the administration section from scratch using a
          modular approach
       3. improved the information gathered by error.php - we can
          now (hopefully) track what bots are crawling us.
       4. fixed a bug in submit.php, fixed a bug in theme zaphod,
          fixed a bug in theme marvin.
       5. rewrote cron from scratch - it now interfaces with
          modules as it should have been from the beginning.
          Very cool if you ask me - it can use UNIX/Linux
       6. updated widget.inc to be module aware - needs more
          work though - maybe this afternoon?
       7. updated most modules: small bugfixes, improvements, and
          even the documentation
       8. removed diary.php and made it a module - you can now
          run a drop.org site without a diary system if someone
          would prefer so
       9. updated all themes to use the new modules where
       10. added a robots.txt because the error message in the
           watchdog become annoying.
       11. added the new configuration system (mutliple vhosts
           on the same source tree) - use hostname.conf instead
           of config.inc
       12. removed calendar.inc and made it a module
       13. added format_interval() to functions.inc (UnConeD)
       14. whatever I forgot ...
  16. 10 Dec, 2000 1 commit
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      · e8ea2ab8
      Dries authored
      - large batch of updated files featuring various changes: big, small and
        new stuff!
  17. 07 Dec, 2000 1 commit
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      · 8b68d11d
      Dries authored
      - changed quite a lot of things around, including small bug fixes (nothing)
        critical and module support.  The faq.php will - for instance - become a
  18. 25 Nov, 2000 1 commit
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      · 086e72d4
      Dries authored
      - Redid most of account.php and fixed quite some bugs!
        Check out your new user account stuff and give me some feedback.
  19. 20 Nov, 2000 1 commit
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      amdin.php: · ebe3dddc
      Dries authored
        - fixed bug in story section
        - removed death code, clean-up, reorganization
        - added "lost password?" functionality
        - clean-up
        - improvements
        - end of input-limit test period
        - improvements, still crappy layout though
  20. 13 Nov, 2000 2 commits
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      * and the correct database settings · 46a39fe2
      Dries authored
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      · 9559f61f
      Dries authored
      Another batch with a lot of internal updates, yet no visual changes to the
      - watchdog (rewrite):
         + the collected information provides more details and insights
           for post-mortem research
         + input limitation
      - database abstraction layer:
         + mysql errors are now verbose and is no longer displayed in a
           browser - fixes a possible security risk
      - admin.php:
         + updated watchdog page
         + fixed security flaw
      - diary.php:
         + fixed nl2br problem
      - themes:
         + fixed comment bug in all 3 themes.
      - misc:
         + renamed some global variables for sake of consistency:
            $sitename  -->  $site_name
            $siteurl   -->  $site_url
         + added input check where (a) exploitable and (b) possible
         + added input size check
         + various small improvements
         + fixed various typoes
      ... and much, much more in fact.
  21. 03 Nov, 2000 2 commits
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      · 819543f7
      Dries authored
      * correct database information
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      - fixed bug in search.php · 7f2e4572
      Dries authored
      - fixed bug in discussion.php
      - theme update: comment() now takes 3 arguments:
          $comment - an object with comment data
          $link    - a link to the reply form of that particular
          $thread  - the subthread of that particular comment
      - theme 'marvin' and theme 'zaphod' are updated, theme
        'unconed' is left to be done
  22. 02 Nov, 2000 2 commits
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      · fb348c6a
      Dries authored
      * the correct dbase settings
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      · 8a866e6d
      Dries authored
      - Fixed quote bug in the comment tracker.
        (suggestion UnConeD)
      - Added anchors to comment links to easy comment navigation.
        (suggestion UnConeD)
      - Fixed duplicate `you voted' after moderating a story.
        (suggestion UnConeD)
      - Fixed quote bug in administration center.
      - Expanded user administration with timezone information.
      - Improved the theme system by eliminating the "preview" function.
        Let's not make the system more complex then it ought to be.
      - Refined watchdog administration.
      - ...
  23. 30 Oct, 2000 1 commit
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      · 28bf9e89
      Dries authored
      - fixed a bug in check_input: html stripping was not 100% correct.
      - fixed a bug in account.php: the confirmation url is now correct.
      - improved error checking + security in diary.php.
      - fixed a bug in the html code of theme zaphod.
      - improved the date handling: always call format_date().
      - expanded account information in administration pages.
      - added a new variable $siteurl to ./includes/config.inc.
      - added comment moderation to theme zaphod.
      - "alter table users add timezone varchar(8);"
      - !!! added new timezone feature !!! :o)
  24. 24 Oct, 2000 2 commits
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      · 472b0f82
      Dries authored
      * Added the MySQL settings for www.drop.org (release preparations).
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      · cbeb5ee4
      Dries authored
      This significant commit fixes 99% of all known bugs and improves drop.org
      by means of better security checks in order to avoid malicious behavior.
      In addition, quite some code has been fine-tuned.
      However, as a result, every theme will require a small update ...
  25. 21 Oct, 2000 1 commit
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      · da9675ef
      Dries authored
      - small bugfix: the voting settings where not 100% correct
  26. 19 Oct, 2000 1 commit
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      · 11ee95da
      Dries authored
      A big, fat commit with a shitload of internal changes.  Not that much
      visual changes:
      - removed redundant files user.class.php, calendar.class.php
        and backend.class.php.
      - converted *all* mysql queries to queries supported by the
        database abstraction layer.
      - expanded the watchdog to record more information on what
        actually happened.
      - bugfix: anonymous readers where not able to view comments.
      - bugfix: anonymous readers could gain read-only access to
        the submission queue.
      - bugfix: invalid includes in backend.php
      - bugfix: invalid use of '$user->block'
      and last but not least:
      - redid 50% of the user account system
  27. 10 Oct, 2000 1 commit
  28. 29 Sep, 2000 1 commit
  29. 26 Sep, 2000 2 commits
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      no comment · d75efcbf
      Dries authored
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      I just commit everything what was queued in my backlog: · 5fc99970
      Dries authored
      - Added a basic implementation of comment moderation
      - Updated and renamed my 2 themes: I removed redundant boxes and tried to
        work towards simplicity.
      - Disabled the other themes as they are broken (I gave you sufficent time
        to update them).
      - Removed redundant files.
      - Added security checks with regard to the usage of HTML tags.
  30. 21 Sep, 2000 1 commit
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      · 6ca7f1e2
      Dries authored
      Various smaller changes: one of the more interesing is the addition of a
      check()-function which validates input from forms.  The allowed HTML tags
      can be configured in config.inc.
  31. 04 Sep, 2000 2 commits
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      · a4e7655c
      Dries authored
      ... and the correct MySQL configuration/settings would help us an awful lot ... ;)
    • Dries's avatar
      · 7daa3fd8
      Dries authored
      A really BIG, BIG UPDATE, after two straight days of nothing but code
      and sleep, new stuff is finally in drop.org.  This is a quite large
      and wide-ranging update, which affects almost all of the system files
      in one way or another.  I fixed quite a lot of bugs and added quite a
      lot of new features, mostly administrative tools as these were really
      lacking.  It's far from finished but it's a start ...
  32. 22 Jun, 2000 1 commit
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      · a2466c54
      Dries authored
      * Commited a *temporary* version of the new comment system: I have been
        working on it for about 4 a 5 hours today and I considered it would be
        smart (backup- or crash-wise) to commit what I have made so far.  I'm
        aware of a few bugs and I'll keep workin on it:
          - removing bugs
          - clean up the code to make it very streamlined
          - improve error checking
        Once we got a stable comment system, I'll add moderation.  But right
        now I want to sort out the major problems.
      * I made my theme the default theme until the other themes are updated.
      * Expanded the database abstraction layer with more goodies.