1. 22 Jan, 2001 8 commits
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      · 18f8246f
      Dries authored
      - heck, I'll just remove that piece of code - it's no longer needed ;)
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      - bugfix · 10a4f602
      Dries authored
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      Another round of themeing and this is where I got, there are still some... · 15d5995e
      Jeroen authored
      Another round of themeing and this is where I got, there are still some "minor" box-gfx glitches, about which I will talk to Dries cuz I got them away, but then something else went wrong. It's an IMG vs. BACKGROUND thing. And if you click a read more link, I got some error in include.inc of which I don't I can help it... Well, apart from that everything should work. So try out http://jeroen.drop.org and let me know if anything weird happens...
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      · a8df467f
      Dries authored
      - polished the code by removing some redundant checks
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      · 5345bd68
      Dries authored
      - dumped stories are no longer accessible
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      · 2c32276d
      Dries authored
      - added initial locale support as discussed on the mailing list
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      · 988aaf6b
      Dries authored
      - Forgot to add the update file for those upgrading their live site.
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      · 36c18249
      Dries authored
      - fixed one bug that only showed when up using 4.00 and not with 4.0.4
      - added extra checking
  2. 21 Jan, 2001 2 commits
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      · ea978885
      Dries authored
      I know, I know, it is getting nasty lately but I have another large commit after nothing but code.
      This time I redid the "category"-stuff.  Categories - from now on called sections - are now maintained from the admin pages, can have their own post, dump and timout thresholds as discussed earlier (some weeks ago).  By tomorrow evening users will be able to enable or disable section as well - i.e. to customize the content of drop.org.
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      · 7cc7b405
      Dries authored
      - fixed some bugs in the new comment/discussion code and added a few
  3. 20 Jan, 2001 7 commits
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      · ccb69d76
      Dries authored
      - fixed MySQL bug in account.php
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      · 8b4181d0
      Dries authored
      - 2 more bugfixes
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      · e25c50b9
      Dries authored
      - 3 small bugfixes
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      · 7241d38e
      Dries authored
      - removed old discussion.php
      - added new story.php
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      · 2952d16f
      Dries authored
      - updated/improved discussion engine: it needs additional fine-tuning
        though but I think this is stable enough for public consumption and
        real-life testing.
         ==> a first big step towards a flexible comment engine.
        - Required theme updatins:
          UnConeD: check your $theme->controls() as I added a very, very
                   dummy implementation
        - Required database updates:
          alter table users modify mode tinyint(1) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL;
          alter table comments change sid lid int(6) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL;
          alter table comments add link varchar(16) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL;
          update comments set link = 'story';
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      · 53b92a61
      Dries authored
      - by default, keep the watchdog for one week rather then two weeks
        (http://drop.org/admin.php?op=watchdog is gets way to lengthy)
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      · 312c625c
      Dries authored
      - finally fixed the offset-by-one-day bug
  4. 16 Jan, 2001 2 commits
  5. 15 Jan, 2001 3 commits
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      forgot a checkoutput() in article... · e6c85d87
      Steven Wittens authored
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      · 6e88265b
      Dries authored
      - added drupal 1.00 final
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      OK, check out this version of my theme. Everything "should" work now. Only it... · 6891448f
      Jeroen authored
      OK, check out this version of my theme. Everything "should" work now. Only it looks real buggy, at least in mozilla, so if you could (you don't have to) have a look at it in your own... I also indented differently, on one space but two each time I needed to indent. I thought it'd make it somewhat clearer with such a complicated/tabled theme as mine. Also when opening PHP I put the <? and ?> tags at the beginning of a new line. Again to make it more clear. All I have to do now it get the looks of the theme right. But do have a look at it.
      P.S.: I might even get this thing finished, imagine that. :)
  6. 13 Jan, 2001 6 commits
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      · 25ebb5e9
      Dries authored
      - tiny update
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      · c38cfa8b
      Dries authored
      - Oops, forgot to remove a debug statement ;)
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      · 8b4c95b2
      Dries authored
      - rewrote the block placement stuff and updated the themes.
        IMPORTANT: you have to drop 2 tables "blocks" and "layout"
                   and you have to recreate them again with those
                   in database/database.mysql
      - integrated the documentation written by UnConeD
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      · f9e5aa52
      Dries authored
      - fixed "return to parent" glitch when a thread has more then 1 child
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      - forgot to close one HTML tag · 14514477
      Dries authored
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      · 55679210
      Dries authored
      - created 2 new functions; check_textfield() and check_textarea() and
        integrated them were appropriate.  It works better and the code is
        more readable then it used to be:
          (see http://drop.org/discussion.php?id=44&pid=0#0)
      - story authors can no longer moderate their own stories
          (requested by Natrak)
      - fix inie-winnie small detail in theme marvin
  7. 10 Jan, 2001 2 commits
  8. 08 Jan, 2001 1 commit
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      · 1035d95c
      Dries authored
      - removed redundant file: a left-over from previous optimizations
  9. 07 Jan, 2001 2 commits
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      - small bugfix · 0c6d573a
      Dries authored
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      · 554d9b08
      Dries authored
      - fixed 2 small bugs in account.php
      - drastically improved administration section
      - drastically revamped story administration:
        added new feature to schedule the publishing of stories
      - applied correct naming conventions to submission.php
      - fixed 1 small glitch in boxes
      - somewhat expanded the documentation
      = changed one SQL table
      - updated the faq with info on drupal
      - ... and more things I forgot about
  10. 06 Jan, 2001 2 commits
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      · 63a335e1
      Dries authored
      - fixed small quote problem when editing a diary entry
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      · 8511d9fb
      Dries authored
      A batch of patches:
        - configuration:
          + renamed $db_name to $db_user
          + renamed $db_base to $db_name
        - fixed small diary glitch
        - fixed initial-comment-score problem
        - fixed comment rating bug: improved the API and updated the
        - removed some tabs from Steven ;)
        - fixed backend warnings and improved robustness
          I'm not happy yet with the headline grabber - it generates
          too many SQL errors.
        - some small cosmetic changes in comment.module
        - fixed minor glitch in format_interval()
  11. 05 Jan, 2001 2 commits
  12. 04 Jan, 2001 3 commits
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      · db0c9420
      Dries authored
      - fixed small flaw that showed up with PHP 4.0.0-rcxx but not with PHP 4.0.4
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      · 2e495b7d
      Dries authored
      - the diary module is truly modular now
      - the faq has been spell checked
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      · aac188d3
      Dries authored
      - fixed more then 30 typoes (thanks to my Linux spellchecker)